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Found 44 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking to get some hands on experience with a tree surgeon/arborist near Glasgow, but will travel further afield. I'm 27, fit and reliable with full clean license and car. I will be hopefully getting my basic chainsaw certs (CS30+31) early next month and plan on getting more as I gain experience. Looking for any opportunity to learn. I have used chainsaws in past while volunteering in Sweden and Norway for basic estate maintenance work, processing firewood, harvesting Christmas trees, etc. And even worked with a chainsaw carver. I'd be prepared to work for free until it's been established that I'm worth having around. I work hard and don't mess around so know that in time I'll be an asset to any business. So if you fancy a free pair of hands for a few days work or if you are needing an apprentice/groundsman let me know. I''ll consider any offers. If necessary I'd be prepared to relocate if there was a good opportunity. Cheers, Richard 07933136253
  2. Hi My name is Henry, I'm 28 and currently live in North Norfolk. Last year I completed a ten week course at Otley College, Suffolk, achieving a subsidiary diploma in Arboriculture with CS30, 31 and 38 and first aid certificates. I worked as an arborist/trainee climber for three months after completing my course, where I carried out a range of tree work from ground work, clearing and some felling as well as climbing; pruning, thinning, dead-wood removal and a couple of small dismantle jobs. I am currently working on a farm, throughout the harvest period but wish to pursue a career in arboriculture. I will be available to work in September. I am looking for a position ideally with plenty of climbing, and hope to complete my CS39 assessment ASAP! However, I would be happy to do any form of tree work as long as there would be potential to progress. I am fit, and hard working and used to working in all weather conditions. I have experience using tractors and other agricultural machinery. I hold a full UK drivers licence and hope to obtain a B+E trailer licence as soon as I can. I currently live in Norfolk, but I will consider any location for the right job! Please contact me on here or by phone or email for any further information or interest: [email protected] 07901 106102 Henry B
  3. Looking for a enthusiastic, hard working individual. We are an expanding garden service partnership that is currently in its 4th year. We are looking for someone who has cs30, cs31, cs38, cs39 and who can start full or part time asap. S&D Garden services, based in Leatherhead and you can find out more about us on our website 03051 or on yell.com. If interested please call on 01372 818959. if we don't answer please leave a message and we will get back to you later that day.
  4. We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic full time groundsman. Position would suit a college leaver but equally an experienced groundsman or retiring climber would be just as helpful. Please enquire via email to [email protected] with details of qualifications and experience along with cv. Many thanks James
  5. hi I'm ryan, I'm 19 years young and looking to burst into the arb industry recently got my chipper ticket and my grounds tickets ( cs30/31 ) looking for a full time job with a tree company, hoping to progress eventually. cheers for reading please email [email protected] or ring 07891091028
  6. Hi Folks, I'm looking for a new starter with minor experience, or just got tickets, to start working straight away in our growing business. Sorry for the repeat thread, I forgot to put that we were in London and had a few needless messages checking where we were. Minimum £75 per day, more if experienced. Overtime at time and a half. Please get in touch, we've churned out some good climbers so far, shame they keep chasing women round the world! I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Tom Please email a CV or personal summary.... [email protected]
  7. Hi Folks, I'm looking for a new starter with minor experience, or just got tickets, to start working straight away in our growing business. Minimum £75 per day, more if experienced. Overtime at time and a half. Please get in touch, we've churned out some good climbers so far, shame they keep chasing women round the world! I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Tom
  8. Hi all, I've recently completed my cs30,31 and 38 and plan to take my cs39 exam next month. I've not long been back in the UK after spending the last few years working abroad, chasing snow and adventure. I am now looking to pursue a career in arboriculture. I'm looking ideally for a ground crew position with a view to training as a climber in the future. I'm hard working, enthusiastic and very keen to learn. I'm available for work immediately - Based in Dorchester, have own transport and am willing to travel any reasonable distance. Any questions please give me a call. Mobile: 07972810119 Feel free also to offer any advice or suggestions on finding work. Thanks guys, James.E
  9. Hello everyone, I need a groundie or a trainee climber with CS38 to work part time in London, we are based near Wimbledon. I have found every employee through this website, so I am naturally hopeful of finding the next! We're quite a cheerful company that thrives on teamwork. Please do get in touch if you are a hard worker that gets on with people easily. If deep down you suspect you're not actually that hard-working, please don't get in touch! CV's or a personal summary to [email protected] Minimum pay of £80 per day with automatic overtime at 1.5 time. I look forward to hearing from you, Many thanks, Tom
  10. Hi all, my first post here! I recently decided to explore the world of Arboriculture and after doing a large amount of research and spending a day with a local Arborist, I quickly realised that this is an avenue I want to follow. I'm 23, and at present I have a good understanding of the job, but little experience, no equipment and no qualifications. I am eager to change this as quickly as possible. I work an unrelated retail job, 3 days a week. I'm in a fairly fortunate position, in that I am able to reasonably support myself on this (Although I don't have a disposable income), leaving myself time to work any opportune groundwork/labour jobs that may come my way. Should Arboriculture become a solid job for me, I'd happily leave my current job to make it a living. I'm fairly well read on what qualifications and skills are required to make myself attractive to a prospective employer, but my question is primarily pertinent to the progression one should follow in order to achieve this as quickly and cost effectively as possible. I understand that there are employers who will take on trainees/apprentices and partially/entirely fund their tickets, but they still seem to expect candidates to be qualified in CS30/31 and Climbing/Aerial Rescue. This immediately requires me to drop something in the area of £1500-2500 on PPE, climbing gear and training before I'm at a stage where I am even a viable candidate. That's a lot of hours to make up! Don't get me wrong - I'm not opposed to an initial outlay if it is a sensible and worthwhile one. My question is whether I'd be throwing money up the wall, and if you would do things differently. I'm also aware that I can work as a cheap labourer while I build up my funds and equipment, which I fully intend to do. However I want to make myself as employable as possible, because I know that a brash dragger is only worth so much when there are more qualified groundworkers available. I apologise for rambling, and I'll attempt to summarise. How would you spend your early time and money, in order to make yourself an attractive candidate to a prospective employer? Cheers guys! Lewis.
  11. Hello everyone, We're looking for a new junior with recent tickets, we're a good company in which to get quick experience and every employee here loves their job. Fun is permissible, in small quantities, and we're a conscientious team that gets through a lot of work. We are slightly imbalanced towards ginger hair-types, although this will not affect your chances of employment. This is ideal for someone with recent cs30,31,38,39 tickets who wants to be doing proper climbing stuff quite quickly. The pay is £355 a week with 10 to 20 hrs overtime a month at time and a half, so £200 extra if you're lucky. I anticipate this role will be temporary until late autumn, but if workload permits then we'll keep you on indefinitely, give you a payrise etc. As long as you haven't cut anything off, then you'll be in the Bahamas with the insurance pay-off wishing you could pick up a beer with your preferred hand. Please email me if you're interested - [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you, Tom
  12. Hi my name is Ed Carrigan i'm 20 years old from Ripon, North Yorkshire and seeking employment in the arboricultural industry. I have some experience on the ground and climbing but looking to further advance my career. I hold NPTC CS 30,31,38,39 and recently completed a level 2 apprenticeship in environmental conservation with my current employer. I also hold various other NPTC units in pesticide application, tractor driving and hold a full clean driving licence with B+E. I have applied to complete an RFS certificate in arboriculture which i will be doing online in my own time. Im a hardworking enthusiastic person looking for a future career in arboriculture and not afraid of putting in a lot of time and effort to achieve this goal. Any advice or chance of even doing some weekend work for anyone would be much appreciated.
  13. Hi my names Tony Banner am a 30 yr old am currently studying for my technicians certificate in arboriculture level 3. I have five experience working in arb an hold cs30,31,38 and chipper certs. Am looking for any tree surveying work experience preferabably in the northwest but would relocate anywhere in the U.K. I would be willing to accept any assistant/trainee roles and any wage. Am hardworking, reliable, polite and friendly. I would like to hear from anyone who has any work or knows of somewhere I may find work Thanks Tony
  14. I'm looking for a trainee position. Myself I haven't had any experience, im 18 doing my a levels at the moment so I cannot start full time until after 10th of June. Although i am willing to do various NPTC courses in the mean time. Ideally id like to be trained up to become a climber eventually. I would like a paper qualification but if its not possible I can combine it with a part time course at Moreton Morrel college. Consider me, I am willing to graft hard in order to get where I want to be. I just think a position where I can learn first hand within the industry not at college will benefit me more. Thanks.
  15. Very keen. First idea was to go to Warwickshire college and do the Level 3 Arboriculture course but its going to be really tough to fund. I have some experience doing some 'backyard lumberjack' kind of work. I'm really into how everything works even though I cant even scrape the surface of how in depth everything is. I'm basically willing to work for very low wage if the employer is up for fully training me up starting at groundsman working up to climber. Does any body know of any apprenticeship programmes around, or otherwise any large well known Arboricultural companies I can contact for information? Thanks
  16. hello I have finished the 9 week course at meristwood guildford in may.I signed up with an agency but not got alot from them I found this web sight last night and im wondering if theres any help on here I NEED A JOB! before starting the course I worked in ground maintenance for 3 years I have nptc 30 1,2 nptc31,38,39 at level 2 and general arboriculture I have my own ppe and climing gear and go out climing all the time.I dont no if its just the area I live in but there dont seem to be much work I will travel or relocate for work if the money is adequate. I have done some small take downs in my area for frends and family. all I need is to get my foot in the door and show that im a good hard worker .PLEASE HELP ME!
  17. Hello all, I'm currently training, and i would like some advice on buying a climbing helmet and the cheapest place to purchase it. Thanks in advance! P.S. Does anybody know of any funding that is availiable to get my climbing tickets etc ?
  18. Just completed a City & Guilds National certificate in Arboriculture and Land Base Skills at Otley College, Suffolk and am seeking a trainee/apprenticeship job in the Arb industry in the South-East/East Anglia. I am very eager to work and keen to apply what I have learnt so far, whilst looking forward to learning more. I'm very enthusiastic and not afraid of hard graft. I live near Colchester and have my own car. CV attached. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot. Harry cv.doc
  19. Hard Working, Healthy, 17 year old, looking for work as ground's staff sitting CS30 CS31 in june sitting driving test soon experience using chipper hand saws etc willing to work through the xtra hands programme (you pay £1 an hour the council pays the rest)


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