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  1. oh well, I can’t argue with that. Still wanna try though, got nothing to lose I suppose. Any advice/special terminology I should use?
  2. Hi Guys, I have a large plot with the house centrally located, NOT in a conversation area. However, I have a very large Cedar appx 8m away from the front door, large canopy spread and its 22m tall. Recently lost another branch which has broken, currently hanging on the lower branches. Also the branches are as low as 30cm above the ground, you can walk over some of them that's how long they are now. Its never had a cut/trim in appx 70 years when it was planted by the previous owner. I am about to move in BUT I am worried of branches falling onto my family walking by. The tree is 15m away from the front driveway/pavement so very much within the property, not on the boundary like another tree we have. I applied for Uplifting ( as there are 2 broken branches and my Telephone cable is running under the branches, cant be relocated and a lot of pressure on the wire) and crown reduction to appx 15m (As they always allow my neighbour to do theirs to 15m). In any case, neighbours all put in their objections to this (as usual, and funnily enough let my neighbour do this precisely to theirs). We were granted permission for a 5m Uplift only, and no crown reduction. My issue here now is: 1) If anyone in my family gets hurt by falling branches as its basically near my front door, I will hold everyone responsible. 2) We love the tree, but just want the freedom to take care of it by occasionally reducing some of the extra long/ weaker branche before they break and fall from height and cause damage to people or my Phone Line. Constant planning and objections are making we want to sell up and not bother. 3) My Phone line runs straight through the canopy, that's at around 5.5m heigh so my Uplifting wont even help this. What are my chances of getting the strict TPO on the tree removed, allowing me to get my tree surgeon to take care of it properly....and planting a new tree on the boundary and letting them TPO that instead? Your help, expertise and experience is greatly appreciated.


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