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  1. 2nd smaller stove perhaps? Anyway to get one installed?
  2. I used to buy supermarket and b&m’s but always found it wet. Switched to the local coal merchant who delivers in open sacks 25kgs I think and it’s far better! Plus saves the hassle of lugging it around and getting muck in the boot of the car
  3. Someone has suggested that a nail may have melted and fused the grate and riddle together. Would this be a possibility? I have had 3 separate chimney sweeps attempt it and both have up and I really need to sort it out before winter
  4. Any suggestions on how to lift out the circular riddler? It just doesn’t move out at all
  5. I would just like to mention that I have emailed Clearview themselves to see if they have any suggestions for me but not had a response yet
  6. Hi I’ve just Registered here in the hope one of you lovely Arb members can help me out. I have a Clearview pioneer 400 that was installed about 10 years ago and the time has come for some new firebricks etc. in order to install them, the multi fuel grate and the circular ash riddler need to be lifted up and out for the bricks to be placed at both sides and the back of the firebox. the problem I have is that the grate itself will not move! I cannot lift it up from underneath and the circular riddler has not really moved in years. It seems to have jammed itself inside. I have no idea what to do to lift it out, do you have any suggestions Or have you come across anything like this before? I don’t really want to go to the extreme expense of another stove as I am more than happy with it. It is multi fuel and over the years I have burnt both smokeless coal and wood. I have had several sweeps who have also tried for me but with no luck either. thanks for reading and I am really hoping someone can help.


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