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  1. Yes I am in U.S. specifically Pennsylvania. So resistograph or PICUS could be a good next step?
  2. No, the soil level has not changed that I am aware of. I've been there for 7 years. It's possible it was many years ago from previous owners. I scrapped away at the soil at this picture and there were many small fine roots making me this it's been like this for a while. The one arborist asked the same thing. He thought maybe soil was added there as it was higher up on the trunk.
  3. Crown is still very full on both trees, but I am loosing quite a bit of small branches during windy days. Excavation happened in July 2017 and I first noticed it 2 years later.
  4. I have two very large Beech trees, likely over 100 ft tall and I had a new sewer line put in almost 5 years ago. The closest the excavating got was about 15 ft from the trunk. I think a fungi entered through a wound to one of the roots from the excavation. From the research I did, it appears to be Kretzschmaria deusta. I would love to save them if possible or at least prolong their imminent death. I had an arborist quote me for treatment of these trees with fungicide, but if the disease is Kretz, then from my research it sounds like there is no treatment available and it would be a waste of money. Any opinions? They are along a busy street in town. Another arborist looked at them in August and mentioned they still appear pretty solid and it may be a while before they need taken down. I am worried they may come down suddenly from a storm due to being weakened.


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