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  1. Evening guys - that certainly does not sound right - the oil should be pushed through the oil hole to lubricate the chain/bar......watch this informative chap Chainsaw bar oiling faults and fixes. How to fix bar oiling faults. - YouTube as much or as little as you like 🙂 but it gets relevant at 4 mins in........ if your lucky could be as simple as a little bar maintenance - if not dig deeper......if your infeed conveyor can feed a log onto the bar when the bar is in the down position - maybe the bar has suffered crush damage from a log being pushed against it - if it is none of the above - I am certainly no expert but our service mechanic is and he is back here Monday morning - take a few photos and he may be able to give you some pointers at how you could investigate further from what he can see from those......... Hope this helps a little Ian www.foxwoodagricultural.com
  2. I do not know how much these retail for - but this looks like a well designed Splitter - no Hanging around with this one Ryetec CV16 Heavy Duty Firewood Tractor PTO Log Splitter In Action - YouTube
  3. Hi - a few years back I tried a stand up version at one of my friends yards ( much older mignon model-electric ) he could set it to just touch the log ring to split and then return to just above the ring height- this feature made it quite quick…… believe it was a rated as a 7 or 12 ton -we could not find a piece of wood that it could not split during the day - I liked it. Believe but do not quote me that the Thor brand are Italian. I would not know about current prices or availability- interested parties would need to call the supplier but imagine they will be comparably more expensive than a Rock one - I Hope this helps a bit 😀
  4. Hi Gav73, Thank you for the Feedback - appreciated. I have now amended my adverts so that the word Log Splitter has been removed. My last post in this thread (before I found myself in that fire fight) was replying to sandspider and was relevant to the original poster - pointing towards the "Mignon" range of Log Splitters supplied by Davies Implements in Wales. They are great log splitters
  5. Good Morning Andy - I put in the same pot as Doobin. For your reference - We provide a good after sales service and look after our customers
  6. Hi Doobin, Did not like the answer I gave you to the other post hey? - I treat people in the way they treat me - it is clear in my opinion that you are not a very nice person. I am certainly none of the things you are asserting! - I also think that I have told you enough about me - so lets talk about you - what drives you at 8.57 am on a Saturday morning to start writing another mean post about me ? My marketing strategy is fairly low key - I do not Spam forums full of keywords? I have advertised here on Arbtalk with a Banner to sell our products - simple - however a several of my genuine conversation threads have been hijacked a couple of people (you included) who think its OK to interject into a conversation in an attempt to discredit me?? Were you a bully at School?
  7. Hi Dan - You can clearly see - we sell processors......we advertise Timber Processors/Log Splitters................so that people click through to see what we have to offer. Its not misleading our processors do Split Logs - they just cut them first. This is the second negative post you have fired my way - is this how you spend your evenings? Maybe you should find a more constructive way to spend your time?
  8. Thanks Bolt - you are welcome to come and try out a machine if you change your mind. Ian
  9. Hi Bolt - our processors are extremely efficient and reliable - they are offered at a price point which provides great value for money. Not everyone can afford a Hakki Pilke etc.......
  10. Hi S and Spider - good to hear from you. We only sell processors here. My advise would be to check out these machines.......a little bit more expensive than some of the other splitters out there - but well made good quality machines - have a you tube on them Take it easy - Ian
  11. Hi Robin, my name is Ian Tooth - I have been in the arb industry for 20+ years......My team and I sell log splitters imported from the same Supplier in China that Rock machinery do. We have made some modifications to our machines however to make them even better - and you would be more than welcome to come and try splitting some oak on one at our Sussex Woodland Office/Site. Our "Woodsman Timber processors" are vey efficient - check out our processors in the classified section (in the Firewood section) - there is a link to a you tube of the machines in action We do not do hard sell - if you want one - you want one if not - no worries come and have a look and see what you think ! Look forward to hearing from you All Woodsman Processors are supplied with a 1 year Warranty from new. Briggs and Stratton Petrol Engine on the TP38 model has a 3 year Warranty direct from supplier Contact: www.FoxWoodAgricultural.com [email protected] Or Phone: Ian on 07900 017 514 to enquire.
  12. Hi Dan, You are incorrect - I did read the threads - and I had seen that the Firewood regs had already been posted - my post was not intended to upset anyone - The Firewood Regs as per my link had removed a lot of legal jargon and displayed the rules in their simplest form (did you follow my link to see that before posting a slightly hostile response?) If as you say - you season your wood outdoors for two years- your wood will be good to go - and we both know that - and good luck to you! However if a Representative from Woodsure visit you - they will probably disagree and request that you build a polytunnel solar kiln or something similar. I wish you all the best Ian
  13. They will be sure to tell you all the bad thigs with that particular model - and try and up sell you a new one with bells and whistles but this info will certainly be of use to you if you are considering purchasing one.


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