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  1. Thanks for the input guys. As you've said, the fact that they could have different genes is likely the answer. I can't say I ever noticed anything similar happening elsewhere but I'm sure it's something I'll come across more often now I'm more aware about it. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi everyone, Our neighbour has what I'm almost certain is a beech tree and we also have beech trees in our garden, every year their tree will leaf out about 2 weeks before ours. I've always thought it strange so can anyone explain why this would happen or is it simply the fact that one of them isn't beech after all. Cheers 20220418_191432.heic 20220418_191604.heic 20220418_191538.heic 20220423_190534.heic 20220423_190558.heic
  3. Update: I installed a K type thermometer right next to the stock temperature sensor and its showing temperatures averaging 85 to 90 degrees while the stock dial is maxed out. I can now be certain that it's an electrical fault somewhere causing it to misread.
  4. Would you have any contact details or anything for me to try to get hold of him?
  5. Definitely a possibility as the issue started the day or two after it got a bit hot towing, although, no symptoms of blow head gasket apart from the overheating which doesn't really make sense.
  6. Tried that, no bubbles. The mechanic pressurised the cooling system and it stayed steady for half an hour. Also tried running the engine with the pressure tester on and again, no change in pressure.
  7. Northern Ireland, just outside Belfast
  8. Thanks for the replies! It was in the garage today so I had the mechanic take a look at the temp guage ground and see if he could find any other electrical faults, but nothing. I'll probly take it to an auto spark and see if they can come up with anything. I'm going to get a thermometer and try Dan's idea. Thanks again for your help!
  9. Hi all, I've been having some trouble with my fourtrak lately and was hoping I could get some advice on it. I'll try to make this as concise as possible. I bought a 2.8L td fourtrak about 8 months ago and after getting the radiator recored I've had no trouble with it until 4 weeks ago driving home from work the coolant temp guage was acting erratic. The needle would suddenly shoot up to the top end of the dial under minor acceleration and would quickly drop again once I let off the accelerator. My mechanic did some tests and decided it wasn't the head gasket so replaced the water pump and temperature sensor, did a full coolant clean and flush, only to find the overheating issue got worse. I removed the thermostat to see if that helped and apart from taking longer to get up to temp and cooling down faster it seemed to be ok. I installed a new thermostat thinking that would sort it, only to find it was overheating worse than ever, sat at idle in 1st gear the dial showed it was overheating however the water in the radiator was only slightly warm when I felt it. I checked the whole coolant system to the best of my ability and everything seems to be in order, (clean radiator, clean hoses, clean coolant, working temperature sensor and fan). I also checked for head gasket symptoms but no white smoke or milky oil. I'm currently driving it without a thermostat as its the only way I can get around but I noticed today the issue is obviously getting worse as its starting to overheat again when driving at 60+mph. Has anyone else had any similar experiences or have any idea what could be causing it to do this? I'd really appreciate any suggestions on what I could do as I'm currently at a bit of a loss. Many thanks, Fred


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