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  1. Are you looking forward to pruning your trees this autumn? Autumnal pruning is often advised against by many citing numerous reasons. However, when done correctly by professional arborists or with the help of recommended pruning shears and pole saws, you can revive the health of your garden and prepare your trees for the chilly winters. Pruning is essentially a horticultural practice involving the removal of selective branches and areas of a tree to make it healthier. Regular pruning can not only revitalize your trees but make your entire garden look more enchanting. It is often said that pruning during autumn slows down the growth of the trees. While this aspect isn't wrong altogether, there are numerous benefits of pruning your trees in this season that clearly outweigh the growth aspect. Let's look at a few reasons you should go for an autumnal pruning - 1. Pruning Prepares the Trees for a Revitalized Growth Season Being a dormant season, autumn allows for a smoother pruning experience that prepares the trees efficiently for the next growing season, spring. Pruning in autumn gives ample time for an improvised branching pattern, which essentially directs towards better blooms and healthier growth. Furthermore, pruning allows more light to seep into the inner branches of the trees during the winters, which proves to be beneficial for the overall health of the tree. If you wait for the late winters or early spring to prune your trees, you might deter the tree from reaching its maximum bloom capacity for the season. 2. Allows Better Visibility for Pruning Since the leaves already start falling in autumn, it provides better visibility to the arborist, which essentially makes it easier to locate various branches and prune the necessary ones easily. Pruning the core of the tree is never an easy task, even for arborists. Hence, pruning in this season with better visibility makes way for more efficient pruning than in spring or summer. Although pruning is better left with professionals, if you are passionate about gardening and love pruning your garden yourself, you can carry on with the task using specialized hedge trimmers and pruning tools. 3. Autumnal Pruning Manages the Spread of Diseases As discussed earlier, autumn provides better visibility for efficient pruning. Better visibility further makes it easier for seasoned arborists to locate any disease or pest infection that the tree might be suffering from, especially in its hard-to-locate areas. Furthermore, numerous infection-causing pathogens multiply faster during the warmer season than the autumn. Hence, it becomes easier to treat the trees during this season and prune the necessary areas. 4. Makes the Tree Stronger Just like a new haircut takes some time to set in, pruning also takes some time to settle in and make the tree stronger and look healthier. If you prune a tree right in the warm season, the tree will take some time to adjust and make itself ready for a full bloom. However, if you prune the tree a season before - the autumn - the winter allows the tree to take its own time to adjust and reach its maximum bloom in the next season. Furthermore, trees often lose their branches and overall shape to survive the winters, which not only makes pruning in spring difficult but also weakens the overall structure of the trees. Fortunately, with autumnal pruning, you can give your tree the resisting power required to avoid losing branches to the frosty winter. 5. Helps Save Energy, Money, and Time If you have larger trees in your garden, which require more effort to prune efficiently, pruning them in autumn may save you and the arborist some much needed time, money, and effort. During the autumn season, the ground tends to become harder, which allows the professionals to prune the trees easily and safely use their pruning gear which makes the process quicker. Conclusion Pruning is an important step taken to ensure a healthier life for the plants. If you are someone who loves growing trees and plants in your garden and backyard, skipping this process is simply not the right thing to do. Unscrupulous pruning may not only make your garden look ugly but also make the tree prone to cause numerous hazards, including fire and property damage. And clearly, no one wants such problems in their own backyards! In case you just have one tree in your yard or are not comfortable with professional help, you can even prune the tree yourself, albeit with a little care and the right pruning tools. In fact, since autumn increases visibility to a great extent, it is also the right season for beginners to try their hand at pruning. So, trim your favourite trees today and revive your garden in no time. Author Bio: Mark Yeater Mark Yeater is the Content Marketing Manager at Treestuff. He loves to collaborate with arborists and has written various articles around nature, tree climbing, eco-friendly environment, and much more. In his free time, you can see him conducting seminars to educate people on the advanced techniques and safety measures for tree climbing. Mark’s fondness for trees since childhood makes him a true Dendrophile. View full article


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