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  1. Haha kevin, who put 20p in you buddy? im going to ignore your question about how many houses we develop because it adds no context whatsoever. The bottom line is these trees are damaging the house. the tree to the front of the house is stunning agreed, however, it’s causing quite a few issues, for example it’s hitting buses, the council have been contacted many times about it from neighbours sadly, the current owner doesn’t really care and if I showed you internal images you would see why. If there’s a way to keep the trees without the house being further damaged I’m all ears. to clarify, I have the drainage report showing damaged drains, I have a structural report from a chartered surveyor blaming the trees. Do I need anything else? for everyone else that’s commented I appreciate your replies example of internal cracking, mirrored on external brickwork through mortar
  2. Evening all! ive been reading through a fair bit of the forum today. To give context I’ve just brought this lovely house in Nottingham, hucknall to be exact so ng15. it has some massive oak trees in the garden, one with a TPO which is to the front on the road and one to the rear of the house. Both are really mature however they are damaging the house, there is visible subsidence from them both. We also believe the drainage has been impacted by their roots. I’ve spoken to the council and have already got a chartered surveyor to provide me with the report and letter needed to apply for the one with the TPO to be cut down. I just wondered Is there anything else I will need to do as part of the planning application? with the trees being that close to the house the surveyor mentioned that heave could occur unless they are cut down in stages etc. What does that actually look like and how can it be done. I mentioned it to a guy I use to cut trees down and he brushed it off. pics attached for info 😊 you can clearly see the one at the front with its canopy covering the road, the one at the rear is literally 2 meters away the last 2 photos show that sort of.


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