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  1. Actually booked it at H&W Training last night in Dumfries for the 22nd, it was £900 for the 6 days instead of 1050 at Treevolution, almost the same distance away (kind of).
  2. Looking to do my CS30/31 soon and I am trying to find somewhere that isn't a 4-5 month wait. Tried H&W but they are end of August until they have a space unfortunately.
  3. You'd be amazed at what has water in it. I recently removed thousands of litres of red diesel and the first 200 litres were a mix of red diesel and water. Petrol is lighter than water so if you had a hand cawed siphon and a thin bit of hose you can suck the water out of it if it's a problem.
  4. Looking to get a few days experience with a local business that does tree surgery etc and I'm tied between a few different trousers to buy but mainly thinking on getting these from Engelbert. e.s. Forestry cut protection trousers, KWF grey/high-vis orange | Engelbert Strauss WWW.ENGELBERT-STRAUSS.CO.UK Chainsaw trousers by Engelbert Strauss ✚ high product quality ✚ large selection ✚ embroidery &... And I was just going to cheap out and buy a regular Husq helmet like this one in the picture from this Sam Turner site. Husqvarna Classic Chainsaw Trousers 20A WWW.SAM-TURNER.CO.UK Husqvarna Personal Protective Equipment available from Sam Turner & Sons | Husqvarna Protective... Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet WWW.SAM-TURNER.CO.UK Husqvarna Protective Helmets available from Sam Turner & Sons | Husqvarna Functional Forest... Buying a pair of Haix chainsaw boots off a friend for cheap to get me started off.
  5. JDon

    Andrew Camarata

    I've watched just about every video of it over the years and it's actually better than most stuff on Netflix. Epic!
  6. Nice. What router do you use? I'm looking to buy one. And I'm thinking of buying an electric planer shortly too but not sure how well the hand held ones go. Novice at wood working.
  7. @difflock Looks good when all planed up and everything. I was looking to make a few chopping boards in the next few weeks to try and sell on over FB etc. How much roughly would you charge for the pictured piece? Cheers.
  8. I've a good friend of mine who is a full time knife maker based in Edinburgh. Have a look. Gemini Bespoke Knives GEMINIBESPOKEKNIVES.COM https://www.instagram.com/gemini_bespoke_knives/?hl=en
  9. If you were closer I could have made you them. I'm in Scotland so I don't know what the carriage would be like.
  10. I have some scaffold boards that I'd like to make into shelves but I was looking to buy a planer and a router (nothing too crazy expensive) as I've other things I need to buy. I've had a look at the Titan planer from Screwfix and the reviews look good for the price. I know it might be hard to find a planer that will do boards over 1 foot without spending a fair amount of money. Also will be looking into getting off cuts of hardwood slabs for making chopping boards in the future too. So the planer and router will come in handy for that also. Also if anyone in the Scottish Borders area has any off cuts of hardwood slabs please give me a shout. Looking for recommendations if possible. Cheers. https://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttb579pln-204mm-electric-planer-thicknesser-230v/15774?tc=LA7&ds_kid=92700055256569560&ds_rl=1244066&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_cPhkbuy9QIVDLh3Ch29HwWpEAQYASABEgKlUvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds https://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-er2100-2100w-electric-router-220-240v/535FX?tc=LA7&ds_kid=92700055256569560&ds_rl=1244066&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjbbhtLuy9QIVjrd3Ch27vQmpEAQYAyABEgI3zPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  11. Nah not looking for rear seats at all. Some Berlingo's have 3 seats in the front which would be handy in emergencies but I need it personally as it'll only be used by me and for work.
  12. 2-3K to get me started I would prefer to pay
  13. I'm guessing the 800L has a longer body on it, or is just to do with the weight load? By the looks of it I'm gonna start out in a Berlingo I think.
  14. How do you get on with the older model?
  15. What would having a gap at the back of the brick do?


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