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  1. It's a long term goal as nobody is fit and young forever I guess, and hand cutting is something I've fancied for a few years now.
  2. Machine operators, I know 2 or 3 and a few of them have went onto other things. Not saw operators.
  3. I've known a few boys who have paid for their own tickets and got straight onto a machine. I don't mind spending two or three years on a saw out in the piss wet if that's what it takes I guess.
  4. No I mean getting my forwarder ticket and driving it for someone else. I'm as green as the grass with this forestry stuff but only learning from what I see online.
  5. Aye sorry. I know what you mean, I'm on the tools. Around here you start at 100 a day (which is my daily wage right now) and then up to 170 for local work apparently. Completely self employed/everything paid for out of that wage.
  6. Surely this job isn't just over minimum wage? I've been an engineer for over 6-7 years. Fabrication, welding and machining along with steel erecting and a bit of mechanical fitting along with pipework etc also. But I'm bored of it now and fancy a change, I'm on 13 an hour right now. No private health care and a basic pension. I have the intentions of getting on a machine like a forwarder after a few years if I am lucky.
  7. Even if you guys could show me your van lay out too that'd be sweet. I know it's personal for posting online if you don't want to but I'd like to get an idea as to what I'm going to need when completely set up. I'm thinking of financing a Berlingo when I get going.
  8. Yeah I see what you mean, I'm sure I'll get all to familiar with that when I start which will hopefully be by the summer. On a days cutting, roughly how much are you spending a day on bar oil, two stroke and petrol?
  9. I'll be most def buying spares and keeping a stock pile in the van when I get one. I'll probably be looking at spending about 800-900 on my first saw so I think I should be covered for most things. I know it might be a bit heavy for the work but as time goes on I'll want to build up a range of different saws. Good tip on the spare bar and chain. If you boys ever get a minute could you send me a photo on here or private of like your tool kit you take out with you every day? It'd be quite interesting to see. I think the company has a lot of new Harvesters like John Deere's (done a quick google and it came up the 1470). I will 100 percent be getting my saw out of my local dealer for sure as it's only 7 miles from me.
  10. Stihl is my local dealer, which I don't mind paying the 800 for this saw if it's gonna be the ticket. I'd rather grab a Stihl or a Hus for the first saw I ever buy to be on the safe side.
  11. Aha now I get the stump situation. Perfect thanks for the advice. @drinksloe I've been offered a job over the past year at a big company that requires there cutters to follow or cut alongside harvesters in the rough terrain they can't get to. I'll look out for a 60cc Stihl most definitely. Thanks a lot for the advice. STIHL MS 400 C-M Petrol Chainsaw WWW.SAM-TURNER.CO.UK STIHL MS 400 C-M Petrol Chainsaw available online now from Sam Turner & Sons | Shop...
  12. Can I ask why? Is it to keep wasteage down?
  13. 18 months? That's not too bad at all. I personally plan on getting the small tree ticket, first aid forestry certificate, and a reasonable saw and hopefully start work from there. I've heard guys start at 100 a day/rate and after they have their tickets it's up to 170, more for working away. Is that about right?
  14. Thanks a lot for the help Spud. I'll be looking at getting some weekend work off a few guys hopefully really soon around my area.


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