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  1. Recently stripped back the plaster and uncovered a niche. We are planning to install new woodstove but want to leave niche as is. I assume the installer would have to cut the register plate to fill the gap.
  2. Good to know I am not alone. Kicking myself now for not asking for an installation certificate or similar. Hey ho we live and learn. Hoping to have someone in jan/feb to install a new wood burner. Good 3k lesson.
  3. Good Morning all, Hoping you can assist again with identifying a beam that is currently sitting within the opening of the fireplace. At first I thought it was a lintel but this beam is running the depth of the fireplace and not width It is about mantle height but unable to gain a clear sight as it is behind a steel/cast flue pipe which attaches to the stove pipe. The current installation is a shoddy job (as you guys pointed out) and we are planning to rip all out and install a new woodstove. As part of this we will be fitting a chimney liner so it will fall quite close to said beam.
  4. Its guess work at this stage but the guy who came to sweep the chimney was of the opinion that the current flue pipe stops halfway up the building. I wonder if it is worth getting on the roof to look down the chimney. Our one is without the cowl (shock)! Chimney is really tall so will require some hire equipment to get up there.
  5. It is a difficult one. We are going to have to pull it out I think as there is a layer of soot 3 inches deep sitting on the register plate with no way to access it as the pipe is obstructing access. Plus the plate itself is being held up by wood! The wood stove itself is all in order so I am hoping it will be the case of pulling everything out, sweeping the chimney and fixing a new liner.
  6. Hi all, Brand new to the forum, hope this is the right place to post. The property I've just moved into has an old wood burner in it. We attempted to have the chimney swept but the sweeper had to abort as they could not gain access. There is an access hatch on the right but the pipe used blocks access to the flue. The fireplace has now been condemned as a result so it is currently a decorative piece. On closer inspection i cannot believe this was not picked up as part of surveying or conveying stage as it is clearly in need of TLC. We are planning on installing new SS lining but can anyone identify the following: a) the type of lining used and best way to remove. It would appear that the previous owner has installed using cast iron pipes which I have not seen before. Until we remove we cannot ascertain if they have used the pipes all the way up the chimney or whether it stops half way. b) identify what make the stove is as I cannot see and ID plate anywhere?


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