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  1. I had trees that had fallen during the pandemic. A smaller saw wouldn't do the job and I couldn't get a pro to come out to do the job. I bought all the safety gear available and had to get the job done. Unfortunately chainsaw safety courses were very hard to find or not taking place due to government restrictions. I recognise that it is a powerful tool that demands respect. I'm also booking in on a safety course. Thanks for the help so far.
  2. This describes well what's happening. The chain is really biting into the cut and then once the spikes go in it bites hard and jams. I inspected the chain. The filing angle was off on some teeth. 45 degrees instead of 30 degrees in places. Also there's a good chance I was putting too much downward pressure on the 2 in 1 file and taking too much off the depth gauges.
  3. Just an update and clarification So the engine isn't racing when the chain gets stuck in the wood. It stays on but I quickly stop pulling the trigger, remove the saw from the cut and start again. I file the chain with the Stihl 2 in 1 file. I was cutting hard wood when the problem occurred. I will put on a new chain. That will help me diagnose if the chain is causing the issue. Thanks for all the help so far.
  4. Hi everyone, I recently bought a Stihl 500i. After using a ms251 for a while I think the 500i is a real animal of a saw. I've came across one problem. When cutting timber into rings the saw cuts really well until I rest the felling spikes against the wood. Once I do this the chain suddenly comes to a stop. The engine continues to run. So far I've cleaned the bar and checked the powerhead. There are no signs of damage. Any suggestions or advice how to fix this is appreciated. Could this be incorrect filing technique causing the teeth not to cut straight? Your help is much appreciated.


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