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  1. Looks very nice. What materials have you used ?
  2. Although I do NOT reccomend these people in any way at all, this one: https://www.jbequipment.co.uk/products/bc85-excavator-forestry-grab-1-3-tonne?variant=40146432917658 Right now they owe me 3800 for a faulty flail, which is going through 'chargeback'.... Edit: it says ''1 to 3 ton'' - it'd make a 1.5ton digger fall over without lifting anything. Beware. New Edit: JB Equipment have decieded to refund for the flail hedge cutter. So not so bad after all.
  3. Are they expensive? Been using a runof the mill Oregon (36'' .404) for years, no problems, done enough dimensional wood for three large sheds and forth under way this year, still good. The photo of your teeth is of concern, they don't look good; you'll end up breaking chains with a powerfull saw. Get a 'Super Jolly' (google it), made by the manufacturer that sells them on to Oregon to re-badge, deff worth the money, and they come with the wheels to do 3/8p, 325. 3/8 and 404. Of course, if, unlike me, you have friends you could make beer money sharpening their chains.
  4. Thanks for the advise here. I did what I said: Blanked off boom swing, filled caps with grease and it’s good, inch or so of movement at bucket when abruptly stopping a fast [cab/boom] swivel and full pressure can be applied sideways. I prefer the slight give to a ridged bar. The two hoses that went to that cylinder were a good fit to join to the new aux hoses. Got hoses made up by BML/Hayley, I’ll leave that waste of time/money for another day, or maybe not; an experience I need to forget. Ordered two aux genuine from Kubota, made a couple of ‘double aux brackets’, the ½ to metric, diff sizes of 14mm metric, etc was a bit of a pain but the chaps from ‘Hydrastar Ltd’ were very helpful. Made a couple of brackets to hold the hoses. Delighted with the result. Both clamp and rotate can be a bit quick so some care in needed, but fine with me. I will in due course get another four little hoses made with a manual diverter bolted on the front somewhere, just to keep the boom swing function should I ever need it. The ‘JBEquipment’ rotating grab is standing up well, their flail hedge cutter was a total disaster dumping 5 gallons of hyd oil over the drive, lawn, wife’s car, dog and beech hedge. They are trying to get out of refunding by claiming it was set on ‘indirect’ (which it wasn’t). Somewhat annoyed with this supposidly being a 'nature reserve'. Video here:
  5. Prob repeating, but here we are: 1/ your chain is blunt, very important in your case since: 2/ mill that fixes only one end of the bar is no good. 3/ use a ladder (I've drilled through the rungs on mine) and wedge if it bends as well - that first cut is critical. Remember when wedging the cut plank as you go along will bend as well. Getting the bark off will lengthen the time between sharpening. I think you know that saw is not 'ideal' for planking. Cannot reccomend enough getting a 'super jolly' (the Oregon ones are actually Tocomec re-badged).
  6. Used to repair cars n stuff. The amount of people that’d turn up or phone claiming ‘’yes, yes, the insurance have given the go ahead for repairs’’.. even before the assessor had been.
  7. Had the new 030 delivered Tuesday. This is going to be so good... Although the old little one can't be underestimated.
  8. That's what I intend to do eventually Eddie, or even under floor possibly near the the boom swing ram.
  9. Right, going to get a non-rotating type (‘manually’ turns 90deg) for the meanwhile; seems lighter and cheaper (the cost aspect will of course earn brownie points with wife).
  10. Ok. A diverter it'll be. I'll look at 'tiger grip' in due course. Off for a few beers now to look at the digger.
  11. Thanks for input chaps. Digger - KX030-4 diverter - don't want to do all that if it can be avoided, I understand what you say but it seems there's a perfectly good unused left pedal there.. solid bar - quite possibly, but I'd like to cap the ram first, I suspect it'd be ok with no air bubbles, not a problem anyway. flow restrictor - not needed for clamping BC85 Excavator Forestry Grab - 1-3 Tonne WWW.JBEQUIPMENT.CO.UK 1-3 Tonne Bear Claw Excavator Forestry Grab - BC85 The Bear Claw forestry grabs are engineered specifically for the UK... But the question is, has anyone done this, that is, is my plan feasible?
  12. Problem: Present digger has one auxiliary supply (right foot pedal), considering a rotating grab; this present supply will operate ‘grab’ well, however I need another aux supply to rotate. Thought: Never used the left foot control (turns arm left or right; not the whole thing). Question: Has anyone disconnected and blanked off said ram and re-piped to front of arm to create a new aux?


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