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  1. I hate to tell you all this but it's not hazel after all. It's hawthorn! Sorry, my mistake. After that reset then I will reply to recent posts. Hawthawn twigs are too hard to cut off the main stem and difficult due to the sharp thorns. The branches are so wide they won't go down a funnel, or fit in bags in my car unless chipped, and there will be too many bags if they are not chipped. I'm unable to light a fire unfortunately. It has to be a chipper by the looks. I've been quoted £2k to cut and the whole hedgerow and chip it which will hurt.
  2. Will it cut hazel though. It's tough stuff.
  3. Thanks for that. I read hazel is hard to burn.
  4. The branches have been cut with a good motor hedge cutter. Half inch max diameter I would say. 1m long max but the stems can be 2 feet long out each side. I'll be taking the chips to waste. There will be ivy in there. So reducing the bulk to carry in a large car is the purpose.
  5. Thanks doobin. If shops can't hire out a large drum chipper I'll have to see if a local arborist will be interested, but they might not be with a small job like this. I expect I'll have to pay for the cutting and chipping. Maybe I could reduce the branch size by cutting them in the heap.
  6. Thank you Steve. I think I will now. 🙂
  7. I've had confusing feedback from hire shops and I hope the experts will help me please. My question is: What's the best machine to hire for chopping up whole hazel branches? Scenario: I have a lot of cut hazel that I have to chop up and bag. I have to shred each branch in one go without removing all the little stem branches. So they will be too wide for some funnels I expect. I was going to hire a chipper but the hire man said they have problem with the leaves? 😕


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