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  1. I will add also that I was not intending on ‘ selling’ the people i employ! That is totally not my decision to make!
  2. Well I do think that is harsh, the tree surgeon is full time and travels back to London Saturday and Sunday and is back at 7.30am Monday morning. He is also fully NPTC qualified and insured. The groundsman had also got all his qualifications to use the saws and the chippers. Plus he is also fully insured. So I don’t know what part of my last post, you thought I said they were un-qualified. And again I was not asking anybody to place a value on my business. You don’t know anywhere near enough to even start doing so.
  3. The tree surgeon we have lives in London and stays at our house and goes back at weekends, the groundsman is not a qualified tree surgeon and is 23 years old. The other groundsman is doing a law degree and is my brother in law
  4. Hello, I’m not worried about making a massive profit. I’m also not selling the employees with the business. That would be entirely up to the new owner. I just don’t want everything I have worked for and built up to go to waste. I just thought giving someone the opportunity to buy everything they need and build plus some guaranteed work would help someone start out. Many Thanks
  5. yes, I agree. It depends wether the person interested was to continue to trade under our name. Our business name is what sells us. We have very good 100 % feedback on chekatrade and my builder. And some contracts. For somebody fairly local, it would be worth a fair bit. we are also looking down the route of employing a manager, to pay a a salary (to be discussed) and potentially split some profits etc instead of selling. we have everything somebody starting up would need. 😊
  6. I don’t think that it is only worth the second hand value of the equipment, we have contracts and work booked in, plus a very good reputation. Which will come, plus a contract that pays £15 a tonne for wood chip and a yard full of wood for log deliveries. I think it is a shame that more people are not positive on this forum. I was not asking for a valuation of my business, that will ultimately be discussed with whom ever is interested.
  7. In reply to ‘retired climber’. All the employees are officially self employees they do their own tax returns etc. One of them want to buy the business, a couple of them are fairly young and not ready for the stress. Our climber, again says that he isn’t ready for the commitment. They can see that I work 7 days a week and they are all still enjoying life and their weekends. I’m not necessarily selling the employees. I’m selling the set up, we have a very good reputation and regular work. Plus all the equipment to get someone started. Then to do what they please with. 😊
  8. There seems to be a few people around here looking for work. We have had a couple tree surgeons actually call us for work. Thank you, we are looking forward to it, which ever route we take. 😊
  9. Everyone we have is self employed, we have a very good groundsman, and another climber. I’m not sure if the other climber will stay or go. We also have another groundsman, but he’s looking to go to uni to finish his law degree soon. There is another climber in need of work not far from here also. We have never struggled to find people that want to work. Many Thanks
  10. Hello, I have the opportunity to work abroad and have therefore for got a couple of options for my business. 1. Hire a Manager to do what I do now. 2. Sell all my equipment, trucks, Firewood to somebody who wishes to start their own business. We are a tree surgery business in Norfolk and have built up an excellent reputation around East Anglia, with 100% positive feedback on chekatrade and my builder. if you might be interested and want more information, please get in touch. Many Thanks 😊
  11. Hello, we are looking for a qualified tree surgeon, that has experience in management. The person needs to be able to organise crews, price work, must be a competent climber and have a very good knowledge of Trees. We are a family run business in Norfolk, I have the opportunity to work abroad and try to expand the business. So I will need somebody that is able to do everything that I do now! There will be a very good rate of pay on a self employed basis, this can be discussed. We also have the opportunity potentially for someone to basically buy all our equipment and truck, plus our reputation. This would be ideal for anyone looking to start up their own business fairly quickly. If you are interested, please get in touch! Many Thanks 😊


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