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  1. Thanks, I already have this, it was the first book I bought. I totally agree. Can’t beat a good book!
  2. Thanks! CS38 looks interesting, I’ll take a look at the syllabus and see if I can work towards it part time (as I have a full time desk job). I’m about half way up the Oak tree now by re-throwing a throwbag, when I’m up the tree and setting up a new line on the ID. Next step is to switch to ALT and take the climb rope with me, but I’m waiting for a proper saddle with D-rings as I’ve only got a climbing harness at the moment.
  3. Thank you for the responses, they’re all very much appreciated. I recently got up (and down) to a tie in point, in an Oak tree in the garden, with an ID-S. Looking forward to trying out zig-zags/chicanes and simple prussik for comparison.
  4. Purely recreation for fun and exercise. Yes SRT/RAD. Basically following Patrick’s video.
  5. That’s great thanks! What do most people use instead of an ID, a Petzl Rig?
  6. Hi All, New member here and new to tree climbing in general. Looking forward to getting a rig up in the garden! I’ve got as far as installing the rope in a cambian saver, but I may have a safety issue with my rig. My rope is a Yale Hedera 11.7mm but my descender is a Petzl ID L, which is only rated for 12.5mm to 13mm. I presume the 11.7 would be unsafe in the ID L? I could get the ID S which is rated up to 11.5mm. Would that be close enough? Or should I get an 11mm rope for the ID S? TIA, Duncan


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