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  1. 12 minutes ago, trigger_andy said:



    Have you considered a more powerful saw? Others have mentioned it but 40cc saws are fine for ringing up branches etc. Something like a Stihl 362 and you’d be laughing. Lightweight and powerful. You’d also have the size of spikes you’re after. emoji16.png



    It is an option to consider, though my father in-law using my 435 gets on great doing the job. It’s on a 15” with new bar and chain. It’s maybe just something I’ll need to admit to not being able to do anymore. Promote myself to winch remote operator and move on maybe 😂

  2. 3 hours ago, peatff said:

    If you read my sig I'm a weekend warrior and not a regular but I do cut some decent size wood and if the mature trees you are working on are any age they need something more substantial than a 435. My 135 is only on a 13" bar and any decent size mature trunk gets treated to the 044 or MS460 with 20" bar. The ebay dogs are a bargain, please rush me 2 sets


    I’m only limbing for own use firewood and to allow me to forward the trunks to an access sight for onward processing by a firewood supplier. Due to a back injury I’ve very little forearm power on either side so I researched ways to aid my work, more pronounced bumper spikes would apparently give me more bite through the bark to let the saw get purchase to work without the necessity for me to have to add much downforce myself. Long winded but that’s the reason I joined, to get an insight into how others approached ‘upgrading’. Safe to say it sounds like I’m up a creek without a paddle on the upgrading front. 

  3. Haha 

    Wow, thanks. 

    I’m not looking to ‘pimp’ my chainsaw. I’m logging fallen and mature trees and getting slip due to the heavier bark and scuffing the front of the bodywork. I’m looking for more bite into the timber through the bark, without having to bark strip every log cut. I’m a little disappointed I had to justify my choice to modify my own saw. The ‘experts’ don’t cut you much slack on here. 

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