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  1. Indeed. But an easier day than some, eg we take breaks and usually work 8.5hr day
  2. 150 a day is what we pay subbie climbers, and some of them have been with us on and off for years
  3. I've got a rough idea but wanted to get others opinions. I've been with the same company for 10 years so I'm not so familiar with what others pay. My employer won't pay much more as the wage structure is capped by arb manager being on 40k, and assistant manager on 30k. The rest of us fit in below there.
  4. Totally agree mate, the business I work for just can't afford that much - the arb manager will be on about 40k and assistant manager on 30k ish, so I'll be lucky to get low 20's. I think there's a lot of competition around here, and more than a few cowboys willing to do a bad job for peanuts, which keeps prices low. I get the feeling the building industry was like this in the past, but it seems like tradesmen can generally charge more now, maybe that industry is better regulated now.
  5. No numbers after the C1E bit..
  6. Cheers. Yeah I've got all those tickets but I think 160 a day is unlikely for an employee. We pay subbie climbers 150 a day. The North West doesn't pay well and I suspect this area is fairly saturated with folk charging nothing for poor work, which drives the price down.
  7. Thanks mate much appreciated, I'll bear that in mind if I decide to jump ship πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. Cheers. I think the arb manager will be on 40k, the assistant arb manager on around 30k and the likes of me in the low 20's. The company is definitely paying at the lower end of things but there are other benefits to working there, such as it's 15 minutes away from my house to the depot.
  9. Thanks Paul, yeah 100 a day is probably the best I'd get unfortunately. There are other benefits to working there, but I'd say their wages are on the low side..
  10. Thanks guys, yes permanent on the books. Sadly I think Β£100 a day would be pushing it with the company I work for πŸ™„
  11. Hi all, I'm doing a bit of research before asking for a pay rise from the company I work for. I work predominantly on the ground, though have the climbing ticket for rescue purposes. I'm a permanent employee with the usual package that comes with that. Any suggestions gratefully received πŸ™πŸ˜€ I have over 10 years experience in a variety of arb settings including woodland management, Council work, railways and domestic jobs. I am a team leader. I have the following tickets: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 38 Plus Ipaf (mewp), PA1, PA6, PA6AW, chipper, stump grinder and brush cutter. My streetworks ticket has now expired. I also have a pre 1997 licence so I can drive Truck/trailer combo up to 12t. So what do you think? What am I worth? Thanks in advance πŸ‘ Ps I'm based in North West England so it won't quite be London rates.


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