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  1. ..exactly.. they invented scarecrow for a reason.. plenty of Hollywood horror movies with scarecrows. :))
  2. ..ok so pack this and wait until December sort of thing?
  3. .. I though that crows are like pest.. so what shall the owner do with that nest?
  4. .. interesting opinion.. thanks but no thanks my house was built way before that tree..
  5. Thanks Khriss.. it's a crow's nest.. will rehouse them. What's a tree officer? Someone from the city council?
  6. Hi Forum, My neighbour's oak need pruning; it's massive and just 2ft from my fence, causing havoc dropping tons of leaf and acorns, starving all my trees of light. The most annoying thing are dead branches and stick falling off at any little wind blow. Most of my gardening time is spent cleaning up the mess of this tree that is not even mine.. I don't understand why law says I have to foot the bill for pruning and not my neighbour, moreover I have to ask permission for pruning their mess. The neighbour's property is empty, dunno how to speak to him so just preparing to do a search and getting ready what to say. I had once a gardener knocking door asking jobs so I shown this massive tree and he said he could only do bits and pieces but not a whole pruning to stop any branch trespassing to my property "otherwise the tree gets unbalanced" he said. I am not sure whether this is true - I suspect he was after small jobs and quick bucks too much drama for this monster. Question. See pictures of the tree and how I'd like it to be pruned (second picture). Is this possible? Can I ask the neighbour to pay for it? What kind of permission needed to get the job done?. No impeding TPO on this tree. Final point, I really look forward to reduce this tree proper so hopefully a gang of grey squirrels living off its acorn leave my garden alone and can get my life's back - namely my flowers not eaten by these ba***s.. Thanks!


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