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  1. This is really interesting and has certainly got me thinking. I guess getting a sweep to clean it (as we did) wouldn't solve such a problem. I will research it further and suggest it to the person visiting us on Thursday. Hopefully they bring a camera. It's not on an external wall, it goes straight in to the loft (bungalow) and out, without a chimney. Thanks so much for the useful help!!
  2. Thanks everyone. You're right, it sure doesn't smell like dust. It's so awful. And in any case, I hoover and wipe it thoroughly all the time. I've phoned a local company who are going to take a look in Thursday. I just need to know it's safe.
  3. Thanks. I keep coming back to it being dust as it's the only thing that makes sense. But we lit it yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks. The smell was truly horrendous - all doors and windows open. Smells almost toxic. Can this really just be dust?!
  4. Not sure I'd say tary but it's certainly a chemically smell. Really strong, all windows open. Unbearable!
  5. Thanks everyone - really appreciate your input. I do have a CO alarm, and it is positioned correctly and works. I have tried to sniff around the stove, and for the life of me can't work out where it's coming from. The chimney sweep checked it all out in October and said it was fine. There is no smell in the loft. It was installed by a professional company, so I can only assume building regs all been met. Previous owners did it. However, it smells quite quickly on lighting - the walls don't feel particularly hot when it starts to smell. I have burned it really hot (I think - I'll borrow an IR thermometer from work) many times.
  6. Yes sir, sorry sir. I honestly don't know. I'd say it looks painted. Thanks for the 'scabby' comment 😂
  7. Quite true - always handy for the creme brulees! Thanks so much for your help!
  8. It's not the waxlings though that smell. This is very different. I will have to get someone in - a blow torch is not in something I own!!
  9. Very grateful for everyone's time on this!!
  10. Interesting. No idea, but maybe. Wouldn't it always smell though? Thanks.
  11. We light it with waxlings and kindling.
  12. There is no chimney. The pipe in this pic goes straight in to the loft (bungalow). You can see the pipe in the loft. There is no smell up there at all.
  13. Thanks all. We have tried many different fuels. Seasoned logs, different woods, and all manner of fuel from the WoodFuel Coop. Not cheap, nasty B&M crap. Nothing makes a difference. The smell is quite quick to appear on lighting. Not sure the back wall gets hot enough in this time. Plus wouldn't it smell all at the time, not just after it's not been lit for a few weeks?! I am not sure where the smell is coming from - the furnace itself at a guess. It's driving me mad.
  14. After advice please. Moved in to our new home which has a log burner. It's about a year or 2 old, but I have a feeling it's a reconditioned one. First time we lit it, it stank. Oh the smell! Awful chemically, waxy smell - had to open all the windows it's so bad! However, if it is lit every day the smell goes away. Over winter it was generally alright. Providing it's used every day. Don't light it for a couple of days the smell returns. Not quite as bad, but it's there. Don't light it for a couple of weeks and it is back to reeking again. Quite unbearable. Had it fully cleaned it October, all was good, but didn't help with the smell. Contacted the people who installed it, they just said they had no idea what it was. Wouldn't even visit. We burn really high quality compressed fuel. I'm at a loss. Do we need a new burner??


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