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  1. Thank you spelling police for your assistance.
  2. I see 90% of people on this site are tree huggers.....facts are its my land my tree, I wouldn't go into some ones home and tell them what todo!, so why should any body have the right to tell me. Tree huggers are the biggest hypocrites going....bet you all wipe your arse with tissue 🤣🙄
  3. It's all ifs and buts now unfortunately. If I started from the beginning people in here wouldn't be so quick to judge.....3 years fighting the council to maintain 15 trees on my street that have not been touch for 10 years...then to be told oh well its not our responsibility its an act of god, when a branch over grown in to my airspace landed on my car causing 2.5k worth of damages, I now have two 8 inch holes in my garage roof, to the rear of my property a pto tree has cracked all my wall....then I have neighbours who have had broken windows on cars dents and so on, 1 of them had a tree grow that big up the side of his house from council land he had zero light in his bedroom for 8 years, I actually help them get it removed by going to the local paper. all I wanted was them to be maintain trees accordingly but my council are unreal and a law to them selves.....it speaks volumes when all of my neighbours want this tree gone.
  4. Yes he is aware of this, hence why his coming out to do a full inspection... if he confirms its a good chance I've killed it and can become dangerous as the tree owner I have the responsibility to remove a tree that will become dangerous regardless of a pto....belongs I put this in an email to the council on why it's been removed they don't have a case. Especially if the report is from a local reputable company.
  5. They took the photos them selves Friday and came out today to hand deliver the notice to myself and several neighbours.....which all of them are protesting the order as ive already said its causing mass damage to there property to.
  6. Evidence of damage was taken Friday pto put on today. But yes I will let you know the outcome....I did offer to remove and replace with a smaller tree I can maintain, just been a battle now for 3weeks lol
  7. Tree sergeon has seen photos no need for the crane either way I would pay ££££ as my neighbours have been injured due to this tree. Who I may add is an OAP...so a tree or an old lady I would rather look after them then a poxy tree
  8. My council is broke and they have no legal ground on me, the land and tree I now own and the damage was done before the order was put on.
  9. Alright flower carm down, I'm not abusing any 1 so no need to get all excitable behind your keyboard..
  10. Well this is the thing I wont be doing any more damage I have hacked it more and cut into it but I did that the week end just gone. I am now going legal route as they said to me 18 months ago they will cut the tree down for £1200 but now own the land and tree they want to protect it....unreal tbh
  11. Bet your thst hypocrite that moans at every one like me but drives a car ****************ing the planet in your own right ?
  12. To see if I have done enough to get the tree removed, im not sure what kind of site this is??
  13. Cretin?? Unsure why it's a drama its only a tree
  14. I'm not trolling I am just seeing if I have done enough that the tree will die. So local council can't keep the pto on the tree as they put the pto on it even seeing that to it
  15. Well I loved the house the local authority used to own the tree and land beside my house, ive recently purchased the land and tree....the local authority is at fault for letting this oak grow to 60ft. It's 4ft away from my garage a ft away from a path then narrow road then over grows drive ways and all the neighbours hate it due to the damage its causing so we have all Agreeed to cut it back or cut it down


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