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  1. But on a serious note, wouldn't it be a bit sketchy without a little more friction ? I find the initial release a little stiff after a direct hang in it.
  2. What if you add friction under it, or a figure 8 on a sling above it ? I understand that you wouldn't want to clip anyone else to the device alone.
  3. I've had mine for a few weeks now, maybe four. I gotta say, I love it, and it has become my first pick over a hitch and rw system. It tends sooooo easy, is great. Big thumbs up from me, glad I spent the money. Only downside for me, and it's a little one with my notch rook on the bridge.. sometimes I miss being able to combine twin systems on the spare hole on the hitchclimber. But that may just be the big mrs part of me talking !
  4. Cheers. In the video above ☝, the guy said that he hasn't had an ascender fitted yet.. is there an option to get an ascender on them? I've just been jamming them both (gaff and a foot ascender) on the one foot.
  5. Wasn't sure where to put this, it's aimed at any wage monkey, not just srs ! Has anyone tried the panther spikes ? I think they look like they could be worth a go, but I can't find any reviews. They look like the gekkos, but cheaper.
  6. I'd be interested to hear your opinion between the two. I ordered a rrp yesterday. I have previously held fire on mechanicals so it will be interesting. I nearly bought a bdb a while back now, but the swl was a concern to me. The rrp is happy with something like 140kg wll.
  7. Crikey !?! It ain't cheap ! I think that'll have to wait a month or two before I can stretch.
  8. Thanks very much, I'll have a look in to that rope 👍
  9. I've only had the courant squire Mark. Only got in on these things this time last year, I was just hoping it'd last a bit better. I'm happy to hold my hands up to admit that the retired rope is the one I transitioned on. Cougar blue a good recommendation then ? Will it play well with the rrp I've just pulled the trigger on ?
  10. My hands are tough ! I don't want nice in the hands, I want tough rope ! 😆
  11. I climb daily. Mostly stationary now on hitches and rw. I have two 60m courant squire 11.7 ropes, red and yellow are for stationary. I flake the rope in the bag and use the one end, rotate the rope every week to fortnight. A 45m liros reef 11.7 (seems more like 10mm) for moving rope with hitchclimbers. A 13mm Marlow gecko with blakes for conifers. It was a red courant squire v2 60m that I had to replace after less than a full year. I've still got old moving ropes from 10+ years ago that look okay (now just used as tag lines...).
  12. Hello, I'm looking for advice on what would be a tank of an srs rope. I've been running the courant squire v2, I've only had stationary for a year, and had to retire a rope already. It seems to me, that the rope I've had does not seem as tough as the moving rope I've used in the past ? I am taking care, looking out for potential snag risks like fences ect.. I've been keeping my bar cover on whilst moving around the tree. I've been trying to avoid ascender slips. Am I a rope butcher ? Am I unusually hard on rope ? I'm 95kg in my birthday suit, does that matter ? Anyway, by the by. I'd appreciate if you all could suggest a hard ass tank rope for my next purchase. ATB, Rob. Additional Note : just purchased the ce rrp, but still going to use all equipment on the new rope.
  13. It is totally worth it. I am always thinking back to trees I've done, and thinking how much easier they'd have been ! That day in Dorking was a first time for me working twin systems. Total ball ache at the time, but I've now grown to enjoy it here and there. Not all the time ! The benefits of having it as a tool in the tool box are numerous. I think the reason I've been browbeating it's use, is that I don't want anyone else doing what I did, and getting by on the cheap ! I used blakes because they're length adjustable, unlike a prussic. And they're cheap (off cut of climbing line). For a hitchclimber, I was using a cheap single attachment pulley. My whole gear replacement started when I got a proper hitchclimber pulley, and then kicked myself for being cheap for so long ! I know people who are very good, they're on two ends, two prussics, and a side strop. Like myself, working for years, no job that can't be done like that. But it can be better, easier, safer, more comfortable ect.. I suppose that really it stems down to an amount of jealousy, I'm jealous of all the options available to the modern climber starting now, and how I'll soon be too old for this line of work.i want them to use it all, and f#####g appreciate it ! 🤣
  14. Hello Jon, how's it going ? Is it working out for you ? I've regretted not getting on it with the new techniques from the start ! I feel like I've been doing it wrong, or the hard way. Climbing on blakes and prussics for 20yrs, you'd get less for murder !!! Are you enjoying it, having fun merging it with your other systems ? Nice to hear from you 🙂 Rob.
  15. I've just read a bunch of my responses, I've been overbearing, sorry. Most people here will know that I started with srwp in March, because they helped me make the move. I haven't looked back. Although I still LOVE my hitchclimber set up with all the exiting setting options available. But now it would seem that I've become a bit of a born again srwp evangelist. I love them both, separate, and together. Just wanna say thanks to you if you got me through, and sorry for being too excitable. Rob.
  16. You lose a lot of the benefits of twin line like this. With a standard central anchor on your mrs, and a high re direct coming in from above on your srs, you're nice and stable. But if it's all from one place, you see ?
  17. I've got f####d knees, and I find the central loading of my foot loop on my knee ascender, much less painful than the inside loading of my foot ascender. Foot ascender are like spikes, knee ascenders are like ladders. So I keep the foot ascender for my better knee !
  18. Sorry mate, just noticed the "don't need a wrench" remark also. If you don't want your family enjoying Christmas courtesy of 'shelter', then to meet insurance quotas, you will need BOTH lines to be able to get you down from the tree in a safe and professional manner. With no rope wrench, should one line fail, you'll be on a single line with no wrench ! Heaven forbid that you burn out some hitch cord getting down ! But you wouldn't have to if you were just climbing normally on two systems !
  19. "It's all on one instead of two completely separate systems and lines ect... These are your own words. Can't you see how this is not what twin systems is about ? You've gone above and beyond the call of duty as far as hse are concerned. So far above in fact, that you've completely lost your way ! What you have done is of no benefit to your climbing practice. No benefit to your safety, and not going to make you faster. So why ? It's your interpretation that us wrong. Twin lines should be there to support you, should your anchor point or equipment fail. Twin lines should be there to assist a safer and more comfortable work position. Twin lines CAN be there to allow uou rapid ascent AND micro adjustments, the best of both worlds. I'm not trying to be a hater here, but you need to step back and stop over thinking this. Two separate anchors, and two separate systems, can benefit you. But once they hinder you, they become dangerous. Better off alive, than trying to meet a self propelled obligation. Like I mentioned, I don't mean to be a hater. These are just MY opinions, and once you take pictures, put them online, and add your description, you invite other people's opinions. Keep it simple stupid KISS. Stay safe, merry Christmas and a happy new year. Rob.
  20. BTW.. if your working moving rope, and not yet on hitchclimbers, then maybe consider that as your next progression. Then you can build up kit slowly. I was happy on moving rope and hitchclimbers for ages, its a brilliant system. But its better in combination with srwp. I went nuts, and bought loads of kit that I didn't need. I also made some kit that helped a lot. Home made knee ascender, various homemade chest harness/neck tethers, tied hitchcords, ect.. You need to know hitches. I was content with a vt and a distel on my hitchclimber. Now I have like ten hitches depending on how my rope is moving that day.
  21. Stop being cheap ! Stationary rope work positioning is a manditory tool in the modern climbers toolbox ! You need a throwline with x2 throw bags ( get one end stuck, use the other end + bag ) , foot ascender, a knee ascender , an appropriate rope, a hitchclimber set up, and a tape sling (loop of paracord, hitchcord, thick string, any bloody thing to keep your system closer in ascent ! ). Even if you don't like moving around the tree with it, you will discover it is invaluable for just getting in to the tree I promise. I added Stationary in March, I haven't looked back !
  22. Here the plastic thimbles are level. But, surely when the rope is tended on one, the other becomes slack ? They appear to be quite fluid around that one centre tie ?
  23. 100%, nail on the head. If it doesn't help you, it's dangerous.


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