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  1. Household insurance... you will be proud...I am off to the Insurance Ombudsman!
  2. Signing off as had a big day at school, renovating a money pit and now a famous preserved ancient oak has parted this mortal coil and landed in my poor old neighbours garden... I have opened a bottle... am googling DIY 'tree sculpture with a chainsaw" so thanks again for the advice all.
  3. We will send picks and make sure we do not get thrown into prison for disposing of the dead parrot - don't call me shirley...)))
  4. I am in awe of the "woodsmen philosophy group". I expect it is not so active when the pubs are open. Thank you all for your advice and contacts. I am going to take a day or so to consider my options.
  5. My tree, my little path.. Just wanting to sort it quickly and without needing a bank loan. Thank you all for your sage advice so far. Its been very interesting.
  6. Thank you - that is great to know - a real releif as I have had two quotes that were triple that and there is a very vulnerable old lady whose garden it is in... trying to do my best to get it sorted in a way that doesn't impact on her. Or reek havoc with my savings. Thanks again.
  7. Hello Thank you all. It is a huge tree, solid, not hollow looks like there has been an underground stream under it and the roots have given up over the weight of the top ... I am not an expert.. just a primary teacher. We are in the new forest. the trunk is as high as the fence ( 6ft). Insurance does not cover this. My hope was once that I could get three planks out of it to make a table top for me and my two children (3 x 1 planks) then someone takes it away and profits from a large amount of Oak. Lots of very thick branches, that are the size of most trees I have seen. I have been told it is 200 years old. It has a TPO on it... it was in full leaf and looked fab last year. Can take more pics if needed.
  8. Hello I haVe had a huge Oak fall. It is as big as a house and it was very healthy. lots of water under the roots seems to have done for it. How do I go about selling the wood and getting it cleared out of the garden? Any advice please?


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