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  1. Great thank you! I have purchased that one! It is very good, just need one now to identify different tree conditions like diseases etc
  2. Thank you for your help Darkslider! I know that Stihl and Husqvarna are the main players but something is drawing me to the Echo. I think mainly because it's japanese built and I'm in the hope that like their cars and other technology it will be very reliable and reasonably priced on maintenance. Thank you for your insight and I'll keep at look out around the £600 region.
  3. Posted just now Ok great I'll look into that skyhuck, thank you! Any personal recommendations?
  4. Ok great I'll look into that skyhuck, thank you! Any personal recommendations?
  5. Hello all! As you'd probably already guessed it I am completely new to this, but boy am I glad I have found this forum as it's content is brilliant and all of your comments are very useful (not like some other forums out there, non arb related where people are slagging off one another)! If I could grab a bit of advice from someone please on how you found it best starting out in the arb world that would ne great! Once this COVID thing blows over enough i can actually start the beginning stages of the small and medium tree felling plus chainsaw maintenance courses. I've been waiting for months but understandably things keep getting cancelled. I'm in the process of getting the relevant PPE in check but am having trouble with acquiring a decent chainsaw for the course. I have no idea which one to buy as I cannot buy an arb specific chainsaw due to needing the qualification before hand. So your regular top handle chainsaw it is, but which one!? I want it to perform well enough for arb work at the early stages and for it last a decent amount of time too. Also can anybody recommend me any books on the subject as there is tonnes out there, but which one is actually worth my while? I'm preferably looking for one that identifies different tree diseases and conditions so I can learn the theory behind the trees before I actually start any courses. Any advice would be much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read my post! Mitch.


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