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  1. Will add was involved in utility arb for while years past and was horrified at some things I saw and actually did. Proximity distances vary as said, but sub contractors open them up to their own interpretation. If I were you I would get a land agent to get involved. There fees will be payed by network and you can instruct them accordingly. Please remember we live in a world we're not every gives a monkey about anyone else or respects others wishes. In 12 years of land ownership I have had 4 instances of tree works with out permission, 2 of these surveyor put down to be neighbours land. 2 cases of sub contractor accessing land with out gaining permission and getting vehicles bogged. Then wasted an hour with muppet from tree company explain only tracked chipper to travel past point x, to see chipper taken on trailer, and when challenged operator said was OK as he had done a risk assessment. Linemanager not interested. So hence my alternative stance to be rather stern with them
  2. Yes i have let Northern electric I will cut a pole down on a live line and yes I would, why because I am a nutter, well not every day of the week but because I am that sick of there ignorant arrogant disregard for communication and negotiation. And it seems to be the only way to get them to pay attention. Extreme but sometimes needs to be for people to take stock and listen, tripping the line first is easier. But in a former life was live line trained. What stops me is if some one on that line is on certain medical equipment, I would not want to pass my issue on to them. But when negotiations are not that happening, should I lie down and let them tickle my belly after unlawfully accessing land etc.
  3. Please be care full with giving them notice to quit. Even when no way leaves are in place, 2 years notice to quit is needed. And even when you have gone down this route remember electric companies will be as awkward as any one in not wanting to do this. They do have statutory powers which they rarely use but can. I know from spending over 4 years messing about with muppets at Northern electric. Remember most of them are unfortunate ly jobs worth you would not employ to pick the broom handle from floor. One tact that can work but can be interpreted as aggressive is treating to remove poles by felling them. Yes slightly dangerous with live line but can be safely done. They do not Want work or interruption to supply. All said and done if only few trees by low voltage, a live line worker can work 1m from 1kv line so you could insist they are sensitive ly trimmed every 2 years.
  4. If above advice fails, wrap a strap round it and pull strap with another vehicle. Be careful, good guide video on YouTube.


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