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  1. Hi Alberto and thanks for your comments - interesting point about the herbicide and I will ask the surrounding landowner if they have been spraying at the time the damage became apparent in spring - no other plants or trees in the garden have been affected though which leads me to believe it is a disease of the Elm.
  2. We have silver leaf in Tasmania. The underside of the leaf shows no damage. The damage is only apparent on the upper surface. If it is silver leaf then what is the best treatment?
  3. Hi. I have a mature Camperdown or Weeping Elm. This Spring/Summer it is showing signs of disease or senescence. A few limbs have died with leaf buds produced but not developing. Other limbs show only partly developed leaves with the leaves curled and lacking colour. Other limbs appear normal with healthy leaves. Some leaves develop a grey, hard, papery, scaly appearance. There is a large woody gall halfway up the tree. This tree was healthy last spring/summer. The winter and spring has been unusually wet here. I live in Tasmania, Australia. I am wondering whether it is a disease or just old age which is leading to these symptoms and if a disease then is it treatable?


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