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  1. First time posting in this thread. Ash, maple and birch all felled, logged and chipped. I'm only a few months started up and take a sub contracter out who helps me tackle the bigger jobs. Took way longer than expected but I'm learning 😂👍
  2. Wouldn't synthetic 5w-30 be more ideal compared to 10w30 as per the chart?
  3. Synthetic or any particular brand?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know the correct engine oil for the greenmech cs100? Thanks
  5. Hi, Does anyone know any good online sites where I can buy a set of greenmech cs100 blades? Thanks
  6. Okay thanks mate I will take a look and keep you updated. Just had a look now, unfortunately hasn't made a difference. Feels like there is no spring in the top trigger
  7. Hi, I have a problem with my stihl hedge trimmer. The trigger seems to have lost its tightness at the top and now the blades won't rotate at all. Anyone know what would be the fix? All else fine. Photo attached
  8. Paddy, Im still on recently qualified and started up myself so I've got a sub contracter coming out to help me on the weekends on bigger jobs whom I can gain experience on. He has all tickets including rigging etc. His day rate averages £200. £250 if we are on our feet all day.
  9. OK mate I will give them a call, thanks
  10. Hi Today my drive belt broke on my cs100 and I'm in need of a new one. I've tried phoning my local dealors who all told me the earliest they could get one was on Monday so I have ordered a spa 100 Pix which as far as I know is the correct belt. I have a big job coming up this weekend and I'm really needing to use my chipper for it. Does anyone know if there's any other belts that would work on a tempory basis i.e something I could get from a mechanic?
  11. Hi I'm thinking of enrolling into an online ABC level 2 in Arboriculture to broaden my knowledge in the industry as I'm still fairly new. Does anyone know if tree identification is part of the course aswell as common pests and diseases? Thanks
  12. Hopefully will arrive next week Khriss. I noticed on the A5 piece of paper I got from my assessor it can take up to 25 working days. Not sure how that corresponds with Christmas etc will give it till next week and if no luck will give them a call
  13. Would a RFS certificate not be as close as it gets to the term? Something I'm looking to achieve in the long run
  14. Yeah got that. Just wasn't sure how useful it was in terms of job applications compared to the actual certificate.


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