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  1. Yeah I get that but what specific tickets/qualifications would someone need to be classed as fully qualified?
  2. Can you send me the link, can't seem to find it mate
  3. Hi I have a question. Can anyone explain to me what's classed as a fully qualified arborist? Like what tickets would you need or qualifications to actually consider yourself as fully qualified? Or should one only be known as a nptc qualified tree surgeon? Thanks
  4. Margaret robbed them to be fair so poor might be the wrong wording Khriss 😂
  5. Hi I have my CS38 coming up soon. In the kit essential requirements it's noted that I will need a climbing-braided arborist rope. I had always assumed braided ropes were used for rigging. I already have a spliced yale XTC Hedera 11.7mm climbing rope and thought this being correct. Obviously I will need to contact the company to find out though in the meantime can anyone tell me the differences as I'm still very new. Thanks Climbing rope-braided arborist's rope
  6. Poorly executed but my old boss did them worse tbf
  7. Thought they averaged about 3k second hand in decent condition but could be wrong
  8. Bad on my part for not being specific enough from the start 🤦‍♂️ lol
  9. Seems the adjustment pin was not in the hole correctly hence all the other problems occurring. Fairly confident that's the issue anyway, only had time to rev it in the back garden though will need to get it tested properly while cutting some timber to be sure. Thanks for the info in regards to the bar nuts, I will give that a go.
  10. Okay great advice Rob. I still had the oiler turned only half way so will put it all the way up and do another few test runs and hopefully will show the oil it's hitting the ground at an appropriate amount. Much appreciated
  11. Pretty sure that's it working now guys. Preferably would defiantly know whilst cutting timber but took it a few revs out the back and everything seems fine. Thanks for all your patience and advice. VID_20210101_105952_672x378.mp4
  12. That's defiantly helped chain is at right adjustment and there seems to be oil defiantly on the chain now but I was just hand rotating it so will need to properly test in the morning. Hopefully will be good to go.
  13. Maybe I should have asked this earlier but I'm assuming none of you guys are local to Glasgow or ayrshire and I could maybe take the chainsaw to you for a look at this for the right price? Don't fancy sending it back to the same repair shop
  14. Haha I should have known better lol


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