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  1. Its tied initially like the distel, swab, and mich i think, tho where the hitches differ(where the last wrap crosses), one leg takes a round turn ‘only’ around the other leg. twisting of the rope on that leg can be necessary to orient the loop more square/perpendicular to the other leg. Again this was an originally an incorrectly tied knot, ive used it in only a few lower trees. Ive had the top whirl fall out, ive peeled on the knot on occasion when this happened, i havent gotten it to unravel yet. It also seemed to still function. not suggesting its use, was just curious as to if anyones seen it. Smoothest tending ive dialed so far.
  2. After loading. Also adding/removing tension in the legs with ‘twisting’ seems to be a must, i think ive heard this about the VT also? Never liked my attempts w a vt, too long, spongy, id guess this is a variation. Heres a pic after loading.
  3. My data service is makes me wonder why this smart phone doesnt take a flippy disk, ima try these photos again.
  4. Hello! Was wondering if anyone recogizes this variation of knot, I discovered accidentally whilst playing w a michocan, if i remember right. the leg that crosses over during the tying process, makes a full turn around the other leg, they almost lock together and function in unison. DISCLAIMER. This is a franken knot, discovered accidentally, Im not condoning its use, verifying its performance, or asking for a saftey briefing from someone who likes to hear their own voice. Knot is probably a death trap, having said that.....so far its been functioning for me fer smoother than anyhitch ive used thus far. It does seem want to roll out, hasnt been a prob yet. I prefer anything 10mil so far, on my 1/2” lines, large enough to grip and work, bites less aggressively.
  5. Hahaha, I love the term ‘tree sergeon’, bout as big as a dick fluff as ‘wood astronaught’, you can use that btw. Thanks to a couple books, G.F.B’s dvd’s, Reg and august vids, definitely some luck, and reaching into my pants NOT for a wallet for a self proclaimed qualified wood astronaught, shes down. Also was before new years, so it took less than a year, lawl. Took about a 25’ foot top w the ms362, the next segment around 14’ w a 2100cd. Im inexperienced w the long bar and big wood, gassed myself on the 2nd gob, took a lot more work and cleaning to get the desired result. ( I take my time, and aim a little shallow to account for mistakes, fine tune that clay. After the tree punked me on that cut, next day i went to slabbing rounds, then a couple salami cuts when the wood got too heavy to push, in the future id probably rip the spar instead of salami. (This is all about gaining experience friends, have to try a little of everything) After burning one tank of gas in the 2100 and only removing maybe 20’, mustered some courage for another directional gob....did just as shitty as the last one. (Was awesome watching that giant totem, detonate a 1’ wide fir) Luckily after that one she was safe to fell. I switched my tactics, adapted to my lack of experience and skill, and tried the ol ‘Gerry wide gap hinge’, using two parallel face cuts, and a bore cuts and rock bar to remove it, then a snipe. Worked awesome. Was patting myself on the back since i felt my end result wasnt half bad, cd handlebars rattled off loosing the bolts, had to borrow my buddies ms880,(felt about half as powerful as my 80s model, doesnt make sense to me). My back cut was nice and level on the house side/bad side, then curved w the long bar too low on the uphill. Honestly a very $hitty job. Excuses for myself, I ran out of light struggling, no excuse really, stupid. tree went down perfect tho. Def have a list of mistakes to not repeat. In the end there was enough wood left to add more to this thread, praise jesus, and thank you for the help hombres!
  6. Drinksloe, thank you for the edu! Im not sure what the 8k quote was for cause I wasnt there for it. They had a crew, multiple climbers, and i belive they had some sort of skyline set up in mind, way the land owner explained. If u look at the peak of the 2 story house, its at the base of the tree, the house is basically in a log shoot below. Lots of massive branches, quite a few directly over the house. The ones that cleared the house on that side still needed rigging, too long, too much topography and such. One imperfect cut could be bad. Had to construct a speedline kit, steel screw biners, and 3/8 bull line w a sliding double fishermans to cinch the beaner. Worked great. Plus theyre hot pink. As far as a US forum, i figured expertise/experience in felling cuts covering naughtty experiences should be good anywhere. Plus my first response on the american forum was not worth awknowleging. You guys got me covered tho, thank you. Mr Hewn, idt I said anything about ‘back branches’, and i feel ive covered this other stuff. 80,000 rupies, a pretend detective searching for a cat named Simon, and I can hold my breath for approx 7 seconds. Sorry about the massive carbon foot print 🇺🇸, ill get back to yall with an update when i make it back to that tree. Mucho graci everyone! 🦄
  7. Drinksloe, the job was bid at 8k$ US by the local go to. youre right, the branches were probably 95% of the work. Just been takin it slow, couple hrs here and there, wanna do it safe, and learn from it. Been fairly smooth, ive made a few mistakes for sure. Ive also had to implement more rigging technuiques than anticipated, so thats been cool. No wind before 4pm ish generally. stubbs, yeah probably any nice wide ‘gob’( lol, I still dont know what that acronym stands for), that was clean, and wont close would hopefully keep it on the stump? humboldt n saps would be for plan B, topping and a work down. Like u said id like to avoid any....big mistakes. Saps maybe not needed, tho ima use every tool in the shed if im saftied to it. Peeps push things down this big multiple times a day? Now im interested in your tree collection. Here in Humboldt, the only reason these few exist is the loggers left em cause of the undesirable wood, only trees left this size are usually redwoods in a park. 30m up, its still bigger than most trees in these forests. That last pic is the current state. My climbline set at about 95’, and myself as a plumb bob(my strongest skill), puts me between the tree, and the edge of the house furthest to the right. its a tall tree(maybe closer to 115’ lookin at the line later). Idt i need a jack, wedges always. My delemma is trusting that wood, if theres branch attachments snaking thru it, my hinge could be half the hinge i think it is, nomatter how beefy yeah? Those knots are 360deg around, and they go at least a foot in. Taking top weight would reduce shear on the hinge? Maybe able to chose a more suitable, lower pull/guy location? Or a safer felling perhaps? I like your ‘butt rot’ idea, its a big, old, mossy B, that first pic of the stump, were all dead branches on the face, the back side of the tree theyre all rotted off due to lack of light and such. Ive yet really inspect it. Figured a clubbing instrument, maybe a large drill bit, perhaps scarf some bark off come time?
  8. Monkey man! Between these two smaller firs here. kent, my original plan was to alter the favor to dump it as a whole, all the weight was on the sun/house side, so i left the opposing side for that reason. Also just found that pic of the anchor kris, mucho graci. Fun thought, If a tree falls over at the root ball, and u cut the stump, it can correct itself yah? Almost like its a living thing, tentacles gripping the earth for balance/stability. Anyway I was speculating, if you have a 200 year old tree, and its got a belly on the sun side, from fighting tones of weight from its own limbs, does it make sense the tree could straighten, after removing them?
  9. Thanks guys for all the info. Steph, chris, im likin the confidence boost on that knotty wood. Paddy, i like that youre real. Yeah i dont have shit experience for big wood, decent for small/med. my recources for ‘qualified’ peeps have been limited, also found theres a lot of know it all experienced hill dogs out here(humboldt), been doing it wrong their whole life, and dont care about the house, and would prob love to see it detonate. Failed to find a school, so Ive been studying gerrys bible, watching his series, read jeffs books, tcia rigging, and some other stuff.(idk how peeps do this without) Not so much online as ive just acuired my recep booster(except Reg is a F’ing G, and August also). So yes, im underqualified. Yeah i accepted the job cause the tree is a unicorn, feel like i wont get many opportunites to work on something so cool. Plus it was an 8k quote by the locals, and my buddy was gonna kill himself trying. I need experience, gotta get it somewhere. Its pretty cool, a lot of those branches were 40+’ long, up to 1’ diam, most over the dwelling, or too close to dump.(the tree is about 35’ from the house as the crow flies, but downhill further, so its a good funnel to send wood into the house) Started w a high set climb line, limb walked and tipped, nat crotch rigged, also false crotch rigged, and vsl for the top most portion, buying equip as needed, and studying per questioning circumstances. Ive made a few scary mistakes scary for the house more so, considering im always scared. would be nice to have someone, but i dont. Im still alive, knock on wood, i plan on Nevil having a safe home, and living To experience the pride and relief, plus some ‘skrilla’. Anyway ive made it to what I thought would be one of the safer cuts, the ‘finale’, got creeped out by the wood fiber, feel like scrapping plan A. All they teach in text is to use straight uninterrupted wood fiber, couldnt find anything about naughty girls. With solid wood, no prob, i just dont have x ray vis, or experience, or balls. Work in progress. tree is amazing, looks like ill need a 32’ bar even at 100’. Definitely has helped w anxiety in other trees, its a monster. Dan, plan A was a guy, looks like id have to route the line, or clear a small forest, at which point i was thinking Stubbs idea of going all ‘Reg’ on it, maybe the safer, easier route. Also paddy, Nevil has a ms880 w a 6’ bar, I was originally gonna bind above the humboldt cut w a chain, and maybe use the excess chain to loosely tether the massive corpse to a nearby stump, so as to keep the tree from sliding towards the target in the case that somehow happened. I was thinking maybe 30% depth placement for the beefy hinge(depending on what i find in there), and perhaps a wider face, try and keep her on the stump. Steph, ill try and find and upload a better pic, that ones trash.
  10. Stubby, im saying if never heard that acronym gob, thats all. Also if i walked away from everything in life i wasnt qualified for, i might as well kill myself. Chris! Yes i like the humboldt cut, I like the idea of the spar sliding off and away, especially when up a tree. Or the wedge falling out of a big cut. so this dog tooth, sounds like a bore cut, but u pre tension w wedges, then finish w an angled back cut? I thought those were no bueno on the hinge? Whats the idea behind the 45 back cut? No luck on google, my apologies. I also have hillbilly cell service.
  11. Chris, thats a screenshot from a youtube vid, happened to be relevent to the topic, u can see how The hinge broke prematurely due to the branch attachment, example of my paranoi i guess? Also idk what a gob or dog tooth back cut is, entered the google worm hole for a few, left w only frustration. kriss, im sorry but im having a hard time putting that image together. Also a huge fan of the improvising, and creating the overpriced garbage marketed in society. Golf club bags sound bada$$, i use second hand semi ridged hard bags w the handle, wheels n such for a lot of rope and gear. Also like shitty home made scabbards vs the rattle can plastic silky, or heavy leather, i like weaver, idk why ‘mr weaver’ thinks its cool to put brass rivets where your cutting edge has traffic, and is stored. paddy! I guess i didnt explain very well. the house was the original favor, after the branches getting hacked, the stem still heads that way, then dog legs up at maybe 30’. It could be fell as a whole assuming the wood is sound, idt setting back is possible. So i guess my tag or pull(forget the actuall meanings), would maybe be mostly perpendicular to the intended lay, and would end up being behind the tree during felling. Which probably isnt ideal. I guess my fear is the hinge tearing horizontally, twisting, failing in some way under the weight, due to all the knots. If it did, it could obliterate the house, so a ‘guy’ so to speak? Im feeling you on the topping vs home smashing, guess im a little overwhelmed to top such a bigass tree, being it would be the 2nd tree ive ever topped. First being a hand saw.... i was estimating the stem weight around 50k, im sure thats not accurate. Is there an app, site, cheat sheet, etc for est tree weights thats a standard? lol tree is a monster, if i end up slabbing it down, at some point id imagine id have to rip cut the spar vertically just to move things. Salami cuts sound cool, i dont like the idea of wasting wood tho. Even w shorter slant cuts, maybe impossible to split those rounds up. I could use gerrys ‘steel rod’ trick.... I can do puns too, and i wanna ‘fit in.’


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