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  1. Hiya, any female arbs out there who can recommend their favourite harness? Thanks,
  2. Hi all, I fancy trying out hessian biodegradable tree ties this planting season, more eco but more importantly shouldn't need cutting off in future. Just wondered if anyone had trialled them already and if they're any good? Would hate for them to rot down too quickly and be a bit useless. Thanks.
  3. Sam

    Tree Wardens

    Hi, Can I ask the advice of Tree Officers; do you have Tree Wardens in your boroughs and have you found them to be helpful? Thanks,
  4. Hi all, can I ask if there's a standard list of common wood decay fungi that are required knowledge for the PTI please?
  5. Hi, I've just heard from a friend that there's a type of cotoneaster that birds don't eat. I can't find any info about it anywhere, and just wondering if anyone has heard of this and knows what type it is. Thanks.
  6. Anyone good with flowering cherries? I believe this pic was taken in April, this is quite an early flowering one. Thanks.
  7. Three needles per spray. I like the idea of sabinia. But it could be a Scots pine dying back perhaps. Who knows, but thanks for the good ideas! Two Left Hand Sam
  8. Sorry for calling you nerd. I meant wizards.
  9. Hello, any kind conifer nerds out there who can ID this plesase? Could it be a Chinese Red Pine - Pinus tabuliformis? Seen just outside London. Thank you!
  10. Cornus kousa 'Venus' looks spot on! Thanks both.
  11. Yeah that's as close as I've got but shouldn't bracts be white not green?
  12. Hi all, Can anyone help with a dogwood ident? My Collins only has 5 listed and none of them seem to have green bracts like this! Photos taken a week ago. Sorry I didn't get a pic of the bark or overall shape. Thank you
  13. Thanks Jay, they looked perfect but their May date's sold out. I've sent them an email anyway (fingers crossed)
  14. Wish I'd seen this a week earlier! When are you next running the course Tom?
  15. Hi there, I'm looking to complet the Lantra Professional Tree Inspection course asap as I suddenly need it for work. It seems I've just missed all the April dates and next round at most places isn't until July! Please if anyone knows of a course provider with space soon or if anyone drops out and you know of a spot available, let me know. I can travel anywhere in the UK. Thanks, Sam
  16. Hi all, Came across this happy and vigorous seeming cherry until I looked closer. The bark was stripped in a wide section probably by vandals some time back, and it's looking pretty bad now. Guess that all that sap is from bacterial canker. What really worries me is what looks like the start of a split in the exposed heartwood. Will it have to come out asap do you think? Thing is the crow still seems healthy. Thanks.
  17. Ooh! No, I'm in London but that is interesting. I'll just have to keep an eye on it. Thanks
  18. Hi all, does anyone know what this white discoloration is on a young Pinus nigra stem? Is it harmless sap or a sign of a problem? Doesn't look great to me, and none of the other pines in the group had it.
  19. Any ideas? Is it a saprophyte? Not seen this guy before. Thanks.
  20. Hi all, I'm a student and need to write an assignment on pruning. I'm fine with all the theory, but I'm getting stuck on species knowledge. For example, I have to give examples of species that would respond well (or badly, I guess) to the following treatments: Crown reduction Crown thin Pollarding I want to have a bit more variety in my answers than just 'london plane!' Grateful for any thoughts from the pro's. Jo
  21. No its' fine, you're good. I'll check out that other thread of Ben's then, thanks for the heads up.
  22. Hi all, I'm the OP I haven't checked this thread all Christmas and I'm really delighted with all the debate it's caused! I've just read through all 19 pages of this and it's great. Poor Timmy! My fault it's run on like this for not laying out the specifics of my question in the first place. Which, actually, has made it really interesting. The situation ended up not coming to anything, but if it had I would have stayed on the books and taken overtime, just for simplicity. But at least now I've learned to.. a) be clear exactly what's being talked about (tax, insurance, what type of insurance etc etc) b) check everything with everyone, and c) never use the word 'freelance' again! Thanks for all the imput. ps, by the way, I'm a woman, just in reference to the all-pervading (except from the guy in Norway - cheers) him/he/his 🙂


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