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  1. So that's why my TW 13 has such a wide axle to provide stability. 😉
  2. It must be just the same as the stihl with the backpack battery connection. I found the 3kw backpack quite heavy at near 10kgs but it will give you a day's work. 👍
  3. Is there any free tip sites in Renfrewshire or Glasgow?
  4. Yes, I put a bucket underneath it. The last few I have done I took the flap off and let the chips fly out in a straight line. I position it against a bush or a corner and it piles up nicely. The customer usually uses it as mulch or puts the chips in the brown bin. They actually like ding it as it gets them out into the garden and is very relaxing with this environment.
  5. Aye that's what I found when I was cutting hedges. You can cut then pull them out and cut again without having the saw burning fuel. I see Oregon makes the ego chainsaw and soon they will all be selling battery saws.
  6. I never knew the cs100 has its own trailer for transport. That's the only thing I don't like about my TB 13/75 is having to run it up ramps to get it into my van. Lets know how you get on with it.
  7. I have the Timberwolf 13/75 which is a great machine but weights 190kgs. I do hedges and branches up to 3" and above that I cut into logs. You can hire one from Brandon for less than a ton and see how it performs. I paid £3k plus vat for a brand new one. It only has one blade and they don't cost much to replace and I can sharpen it myself.
  8. Aye sounds too good to be true but I will give it a go.
  9. I bought one of those root saw blades for my stihl saw. I'm going to try that and my chainsaw to see if its any easier. I watched a brick layer take a few inches off of a foundation I had laid to high. He cut slots on the concrete and hit the side of them and they simply broke off. Not sure if the base of a tree is any harder than the rest or because its next to earth which blunts the chainsaw. 🤔
  10. Easier on the bottom of the back going by videos on utube. I hired a stump grinder and used it all day many years ago and lay in bed shaking all night.
  11. Aye, as I said, there will be money in selling UK logs because of transport costs from EU. Last week I read a shipping container ship lost 1800 containers at sea. The demand has slowly been creeping higher with cheap logs from abroad now that supply has priced itself out of our market and it will be up to use to fill the void.
  12. Starting to see a small fan club building up for the Stihl battery saw. I believe its the start of electric technology which can only get better. Same thing happened with joinery tools in the 1990s when I bought my first drill. They were rubbish at the beginning but now they are great. I will need to try mine with my backpack and let you know how I get on with it once the snow disappears. 😉


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