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  1. I have also noticed quite a few bricks in the block paving are uneven and wobbling? would this be caused by the trees roots?
  2. Hi everyone I have now had the trees removed i had 3 quotes by 3 sifferent tree surgeons and they all came out the same price. 2 advised I keep the stumps for the rime being and let them decay / rot over the next 12-18 months Is this correct? I am worried because it looks awful with the stumps. Should i get them taken out? Also a neighbour told that a few people have had issues with subsidence on the road which has worries me even more. Can i plant other trees to help with the moisture in the clay soil? The trees were about 30 years old but the house was built in 1930s Am worries now (although i cant put the trees back!) Any ad ice would be appreciated
  3. Ive got some more pictures They are a bit bigger now You will alsonotice the block paving has lifted slightly although i saw the house the pther dayand it was fine
  4. Just realised i said they were 8-10 metres away from the property. Meant to say 8-10 ft! Can anyone recommend a good arborist in Birmingham? Should this be a deal breaker for me to buy the house?
  5. Thank you Treeation. There are trees on the otherside as well between me and the neighbour so I know it won't be a cheap job. I'm more concerned abut the damage it could do to the foundations being on clay soil but no one has commented on that. I realise it is best for someone to come and see the property in person as it is hard to see from a photo. Just wondered if anyone has knowledge of removing these types of tree on clay soil. Apprciate all your help.
  6. Also, do you think it will be really costly? Am I looking in the £1,000s???
  7. Thank you everyone. Would this cause heave to the property by removing them? That is my main concern.
  8. Really? and you dont think i would have issues being on clay soil. The drive is blocked paved as well. Are they conifer trees do you think?
  9. Hi I am looking for some advice Buying a 1930s semi detached house in Birmingham which has 3 large conifer trees (i think they are conifers) in the front garden about 8-10 metres from the house They are as tall as the second storey of the house and are very bushy. The house is on clay soil (mudstone) I like the trees but would like to reduce the height Would this cause heave? Surveyor could not find any evidence of subsidence in the house at present but did mention caution about the trees and the clay soil. The front wall is bowing slightly as well presumably from the roots of the trees. Worried in case i buy the house and then cutdown trees slightly and heave occurs Any advice?


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