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  1. I am retired and have lived here for over 16 years now. I live in Northern Thailand with my family of many years. I want to thank all those that contributed to my request for help and want to close this channel as I have what I needed. I do not wish to continue with a political or personal country issues going forward. So please accept that and let us switch back to issues relating to chain saws. Thank you again!
  2. You both make a very good point. I was speaking from my point of view and not the general Thai population. If you check things out in more detail you might find that only Thai nationals who are registered to cut wood would get a permit. Foreigners such as my self are not part of the registration process. One last point being able to apply for this permit is one thing the other is in getting it.
  3. Many people put on a longer bar and that is illegal and being imprisoned for some time is always a possibility so one has to be very careful of what you do or say! If you are a foreigner like me once released I would be deported. Removing the air constrictor is also a crime and the punishnt would be the same. Big Brother is live and well here, it is now worse since the military took over the government. The generals look to the CPP as a model that would work well for them. It is surprising that this is a shock to many as the Les Majesty laws here provide for 13 years in prison for any comment or action that might effect/attach the monarchy.
  4. Here in Thailand there is NO used chain saws available be they cheap Chinese versions or higher quality German, American etc. It is important to remember that the Thai regulations basically kill quality higher performance Chain saws period.
  5. I am sorry about the font changes I tried to get it normalized but nothing worked so I had to just submit it. The issue started when I did a cut and past of the chain and bar parameters.
  6. First off I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond. OK what you do not know and fail to understand is that I am retired and live in Thailand. Here the government has draconian laws about blade length and HP rating. The government will not allow any saw to be imported that has a bar length of more than 11.5" regarding the motor the HP output must be below .9 of a HP. Well how dos this work? First off a chain saw of let us say 50cc's would normally come from outside the country and the manufacture or consolidator wouds swap out the 18" or 20" bar for a 11.5" to meet import requirements. The second is is the HP rating which has to be below .9 HP. This is done by the consolidator adding into the saw a re-stricter devise into the air flow thus lowering its performance to below the .9HP maximum rating. Once the model is approved and is imported many resellers her simple remove the re stricter and the HP then reaches the level it was intended to achieve. With the blade length All saw are sold with a blade length of 11.5" As an owner failure to operate or own a saw with a longer blade is punishable by a jail term. The police are not set up to check the HP rating so the risk comes with travelling with a saw with a bar of more that 11.5" The irony here is that longer blades are readily available for purchase but the risk is on the owner not the store. OK about my saw is is a 50cc saw, producing 2Kw of power which equates to 2.7HP, when I bought this sa the seller lied to me and stated that the saw produces 3.5HP. The model number of the saw is DD-5880 which leaves one with the impression that the saw is 58cc and at this mark would yield an out put of near 3.5HP. Getting back to my issue and my options as I have in my shop new 20" bar and 3- 20"0.325" Pitch 0.058" Gauge 76 DL (Peco Style or Low Profile). The cheapest option is changing out the sprocket and once that works looking at an option to see if the existing 11.5 chain and bar can function with the larger sprocket. If not I will then have to acquire a new bar and chain. One last point I will be doing an extensive muffler modification which should yield an approximate 25% increase in horse power. In addition I will then be looking at doing a conservative engine porting job which should add additional HP. If I had a choice I would simply purchase a new 70 to 80cc chain saw but due to government rules the saw would not be allowed into the country. Sad Sad Sad!
  7. I purchased a Chinese chain saw it came with a 11.5" bar and chain and it works well. Because I want to run this saw for milling of wood I want to increase the bar and chain length to 18" or 20". I purchased on line a 20" bar ( .325 058 gauge 76DL chain) and a chain to match. When I tried to set it up and started to tighten up the chain the chain locks up. I then purchased a 18" bar and chain (0.325" .058" Gauge 72DL) and the chain locked up as well. I am now starting to believe that the movable sprocket might be the issue. The specifications for the 11.5" bar and chain is 3/8" .050 43DL . I am hoping the some might have a inexpensive solution as I have been purchasing things but am no longer ahead.


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