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  1. Meant to update this before. The LPA Tree Officer & his assistant visited the site mid December 2020 - still couldn’t show us any legislation that shows they can place a TPO well after the 6 week period of the Section 211 ..... like anyone on this forum. TO said he’d like 2 Holm Oaks replaced, we said no, take us to court. Our original application was to replace with Rowan Trees - he didn’t want those. TO then suggested replacing with a Holly Tree & a Magnolia Grandiflora - a result for all! Three months later we were sent an email asking us to buy and plant the trees in the middle of March and send photos to confirm. Holly & Magnolia are planted & 54 sacks of logs chopped by ourselves during lockdown 🙌🏼
  2. They’re down...... I’ve been reading the Blue Book, chapter 9 ?
  3. Where does it say that the tree officer can trump government legislation? eg. 2 years to complete the work.
  4. So what is the point in the governments 2 year window?
  5. So what is the point of the government 2 year window to complete 5he work?
  6. I applied to fell 2 Holm Oaks in a Conservation Area. The council didn’t reply within the required 6 weeks - therefore according to Government legislation I have 2 years to complete the work. Another 6 weeks later, the council suddenly placed a TPO on both the trees. I decided the council were wrong and organised a tree surgeon to fell the trees. The tree surgeon has arranged for electric disconnection on the first day for safety. The LPA tree officer has now contacted my tree surgeon and bullied/threatened him if he completes the work. Anyone come across this before?


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