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  1. Cheers going to get some cardboard soon ? mess at front as my one neighbour starts complaining if things don't look "nice".
  2. Thank you yes that's the plan! ?? Hopefully I can get some much soon and will spray some glyphosphate too ? wanted to flag that whole area but think mulch would be a better and easier option with a few flags for walking on and maybe a small pergola. So as you can see that's half the garden, want to mulch all of that upto the greenhouse. Just trying to work out how much id need and how to transport to back without leaving a mess at front. They don't give them in bags do they just tip onto your drive?
  3. Just joined the site and in need of some advice regarding weeds. I have a fairly large garden and have been de-weeding constantly for a year now. I have used a hoe to level off as best as i can and would like to throw some bark mulch on top to suppress the weeds hopefully. The weeded area is about 15 meters by 6 meters. If i level off and hoe the weeds more and remove as many roots as possible. Will bark mulch help and the tip loads which are provided from tree surgeons do they have potential weed seeds present? How dense should the layer of mulch be? How many loads would I need to cover the whole area. I would prefer not to use plastic weed fabric. Im from the north west UK and will have a look later on this week to see how i can acquire some loads of bark mulch from this site :D


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