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  1. Plantoil 2-Stroke Oil is an environmentally-adapted, fully synthetic, low smoke oil. It is partly biodegradable, partly biologically inert and non-toxic. It meets the latest specifications set out by JASO FC/Global GD, and exceeds the specifications of all major manufacturers of 2-stroke engines. First hand experience and info on this 2 stroke oil would be helpful. I'm looking at environmentally sound 2stroke, though clearly the lifespan of the engine is high priority. If there is information to suggest it is / is not of high quality I'd be glad to know. Currently been using husky xp. Thanks in advance. Plantoil - Plantoil 2-Stroke Oil WWW.PLANTOIL.CO.UK
  2. Looking for a groundsman to drive truck and chipper to and from job site, perform all aspects of ground work. Confiedent and clear in organization of equipment and communicating with clients. CS30, CS31 & CS38 required . CS39 is a benefit but not essential. LOCATION IS SOUTH DEVON. £120+ / day depending on skill and experience. Starting on 1 - 3 days per week for a trial month, then potential for full time work.
  3. Last winter Radmore and Tucker told me the new version / upgrade of the t540 i xp would be coming out by now, obviously brext covid and whatever else have held things up. Apparently the next adjustments to this model will include an incresed water resistance, weather an official higher ixp (water resistance) rating I am not sure. Question is, if anyone has info on when this might be I'd like to know. Otherwise I am very tempted by chainsawbars.co.uk's offer for the ECHO DCS-2500T. Cheers fellas!
  4. Now proud owner of the spanking new ST6 P. Looking for recomendations on a decent tracking device and if there is much difference between them?
  5. Thanks that is much apreciated! I can see one for sale, which is why i ask, though i amfairly reluctant to go for GM unless it's their more reliable model which did their name some good - though i forget which one that is.
  6. 2009 Greenmech 8” Diesel chipper stc19-28 mt50 anyone with experience of this tracked chipper? found one for with just over 1000hours for £10.5k
  7. You're correct - my mistake. Well then more option
  8. Thanks for sharing the info and experience on this topic. Some decent points have been put forward. Re the sub750 chippers, I'm keen to know of how many guys have been caught out from towing over their permitted weight given on the driving license. I myslef have towed way over my 750 towing limit, now in the process of applying for C1 +E so i am well covered for anything i will drive and tow. But my subbies can only tow 750kg. Essentially it's fine until you get pulled..then it's not so fine. but that is fairly rare, providing the springs aren't frowning on the truck and there's not a pyramid of woodchip on top. Strictly speaking i should get sub750, which unfortunately cancels out my options for an older TW230. I think the Jenson A530 is most likely the best bet for a 2nd chipper. Although the Forsts are smooth and fast with good service response, they don't seem as reliable as the Jensons or TW. I'd entertain the idea of a GM though as I've heard of less issues with TW & J, i think they are the beasts to go for.
  9. Nice one good info thanks. that's what i am looking for. experience of several chippers so a genuine less bias review can be made!
  10. The 230 does seem decent from my research online - as far as youtube and reviews can show. it seems very robust and tuff, like you could throw anything at it. the ST6 decent and very efficient and more refined though possibly slightly less robust due the refined qualities, for example the grp cover and the fact it looks prett damn cool and well built from a visual perspective - which results in scrapes and aging perhaps showing up more than on the 230 which looks more basic but perhaps tuffer on the outside. Maybe i'm reading into it too much... I'm in south Devon
  11. Thanks mate, what year did the 230's older engine change to the following model? I expect i might get a little more for my money with the 230 compared to the forst....
  12. C'mon mate, might be funny but it's a waste of space on this thread. valuable backed up info is apreciated, i can go on you tube if i want to watch cartoons....
  13. Usually you get what you pay for. do you know why they are so cheap?
  14. ok. i'm not sure how you can get better service than forst - if it's under warranty still...as they'll be out within a few hours. So I guess Quadchip are the same?
  15. I've not ruled that out, but i beleive timberwolf are more akward to deal with when it comes to mechanical repairs....have you got a 230 yourself? it's got generously wide infeed rollers which i expect will be efficient when stacking the hopper with a shed load of conifer and leafy brash


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