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  1. Anouk

    Online paperwork

    No, unless i don't know the answer to something. It's generally box ticking with some really pointless and irrelevant questions, like what's the full address of the nearest toilet facilities? 9 times out of 10 we pee in a bush!! 😂
  2. Anouk

    Online paperwork

    I understand that health and safety is important in the workplace, but i feel like there could be a generic risk assessment that covers our work and then if anything happens we fill in accident report forms, like in other industries I've worked in. It's overwhelming the amount of forms I've gotta wade through each week, and it's starting to leach the fun out of it. Our company does lots of little jobs, and it's quite common for me to be still filling out the RA while they're packing up having finished the job. 😞
  3. Anouk

    Online paperwork

    Thanks mate 👍. If this isn't industry standard as i suspected, i might look around for a position with less paperwork!
  4. Anouk

    Online paperwork

    On a good day, when the sun's shining and i get to climb, it's the best job ever. But those days seem to be rare. And now it's snowing and not sure I'm looking forward to the next few months 😱
  5. Anouk

    Online paperwork

    yep, it's HSE craziness for sure. I asked what if i don't have any near misses, and was told i have to put 2 in a week. Someone walking past could've got hit by a falling branch, i could've fallen over a banana skin, the chainsaw could've fallen apart in my hand. . .It's like creative writing in English class all over again.
  6. Anouk

    Online paperwork

    😂 Well as the newest member of the team, i guess it's to be expected i get the less exciting tasks. . !
  7. One side of this job i didn't realise would be such a big part of it before i joined this industry is the Online paperwork. From the daily van checks and hand-arm vibration logs, weekly near miss reports and risk assessments for every job, it quickly builds up! Some days i don't get off the ground as the work is finished before i get the forms done. Can i ask what other people's experience is regarding filling all this out?
  8. Hello fellow tree people! I have recently qualified in the following City&Guilds / Lantra courses: CS30/31. Chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting. Felling trees upto 380mm. CS38/39. Aerial rescue and aerial cutting with chainsaws. Woodchippers. I'm looking for work as a trainee, or with a company that will give me the opportunity to develop my climbing skills. Ideally in the North West area as I'm based in North Manchester. I have experience of ground operations from working with a local domestic crew, and would love to expand my horizons into commercial, utility and especially conservation work. I have a car, my own PPE and climbing kit. I'm reliable, hard working and keen to learn. If anyone knows of any opportunities that might be available it'd be great to hear from you! Thanks - Anouk. 07896759871.


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