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  1. I don't think I can get that kind of guarantee from the insurance company. When I called, they simply said that they employed an "expert" who conducted the analysis and the action took was based on their recommendation. From an insurance point of view, if I purchased the house I will go with he same insurers who would likely cover my for any further subsidence or heave. But, I know heave can be a bigger problem and with the level of moisture in the ground no longer at an equilibrium, it could cause a lot of pain unless they did underpin the foundations. I really love the house hence why trying to find a solution
  2. No, no underpinning done or ant work to the foundations. They purely fixed the cracks and put some heli bars in the brickwork to the rear extension.
  3. Hi everyone, I am about to exchange on a house, 3 bed semi in NW London. The vendors claimed for subsidence in 2018, whereby the experts on behalf of the insurance company believe it was caused by "byroot exacerbated clay shrinkage subsidence". The property suffered cracks to the rear extension, the rear elevation and to a dividing wall. The pattern of damage indicated downward movement to the rear extension. The level of damage to the property was classified as category 2 in accordance with BRE digest 251. The remedial works included superstructure repair works, and the removal of a large number of trees to the rear (please see pictures attached). My buildings surveyor noted that it is usually unadvisable to remove the trees in their entirety given the ground is clay and there is an equilibrium between the trees and the house. He also noted it was a particularly hot summer in 2018 and with the buildings damage being minor, it seems like an extreme measure. My question to the group (and my concern) is the potential for heave in the upcoming years. Given the trees were only removed approx 18 months ago, would you have concerns in purchasing the house. Appreciate any advice that you may have.


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