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  1. Only other thing could be some large stones we placed under the tree for sitting , just two of them, but can't imagine them hurting the roots. Now some lorries did drive over the field Behind the tree to deliver stone so could be they press down on the roots at the time. That's well over a year ago. Would it be fair to say there isn't anything we can proactively do to it but wait and see. There is plenty of rain at the moment!
  2. Thanks openspaceman. Must have been the really dry weather we had earlier in the year during lock down. We've had plenty of rain since! Will leave it alone and see what happens it then
  3. Anyone any advice on whether our beech isn't well and how we should care for it, or do we just leave it be. Thinking do we remove the brown leaves etc
  4. Hi all Please can you help me identify what the following tree is. We refer to it as the fairy tree because it is in the middle of a field. It's in an exposed area so shaped by the wind to a certain extent. It's always been healthy but this year in June we noticed it has brown leaves and is not as full of leaves this year as it has been previous years. We have assumed this was because it wasn't receiving enough water as we had a very dry period with no rain during may and june. There has been no trauma to this tree or the area around it since our build other than we dropped a couple of stones under its canopy for sitting on. Any advice on what type of tree it is please ( to make sure we look after it as we should) and thoughts on whether we should be concerned about the brown leaves and because it is more bare than previously. I have included the following photos. The first photo is of the tree last year so you can see it is more bare this year. Can upload more photos of it helps. Thanks in advance, Martina
  5. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate you all giving me your advice. I think I'm going to try and fix the situation as what's the worse that can happen and it really does mean a lot. Unfortunately I wasn't strong enough to protest at the time and should have sorted it then. In parallel I will take some clippings to see if they growand plan what to plant to replace it. Thanks so much everyone. I have another tree I'm worried about 🙈 which I will post separately. This one though has not had anything done to it or its environment. Thanks again all.
  6. Thanks Jim. You have given me so much joy advising what the tree is. It makes more sense now when I see the white and pink on the leaves. We have built at my grandmothers place and this tree was here albeit it was completed covered by this mad palm tree. It is only now we are seeing the colours. I think we need to try our best to save it by gently removing the fill etc. I was thinking we could put a small wide dry stone kerb wall around it to protect it and fill within it and around the tree with compost. Unfortunately we can't do anything about the wall. Is there any advice you would give about maintaing where we can access under the wall and also about what we should do once the fill has been removed. We will save costs by digging this out manually and ensure we are gentle. Is there anything else we should do like spraying the leaves or removing dead leaves/branches? That's a lovely idea about the clippings and we will defo do that.
  7. Thanks gnarlyoak. Ok based on your and dumpers advice I really need to dig up round this side of the wall around the trunk of the tree and replace the soil and hardcore with good quality compost. I really hope it isn't too late as this tree means a lot to us
  8. Thanks Dumper. So based on the pics you defo think she is dead of dying? So sad. Ok will wait and see if there is more advice. By the way do you know what tree it is
  9. We did try to save this tree too as there was a palm tree right beside it which had grown over it and wasn't allowing it to grow. Very sad as we thought we had done good.
  10. The roadway is new in that it has been raised up by 2 foot with additional hardcore. We thought by the head being over the tree at the back of the wall it would be ok. We had to build a boundary wall and unfortunately the tree was effectively on it. Do you think the tree is dead? Is that because of the new leaves not being green? Is there anything we can do to revive it? For example what if we dug out round the tree on this side of the boundary wall to allow it to breath. Any help really appreciated.
  11. Hi. Please could you help me identify the tree on the attached photos. This tree means a lot to us and when we built a new house we were assured that how the tree remained would be ok for it to continue to thrive. The ground around the tree has been built up circa 2 foot with hardfill. Part of the roots of the tree grow out the back of the boundary wall so when the boundary wall was built our builder put a head over the roots rather than cut through. We can access under the head to look at the bottom of the tree. I have assumed that we have affected the tree as its leaves aren't forming their size and colour properly. Also it looks like some branches are dead. I was hoping it was just because of the hot spell we had during lockdown but in hindsight I think we should have employed a professional but we were assure it would be ok. Please can anyone advise what we should do? Should also say there was ivy crawling up the tree. We have removed this as read that was best. Any help would be really appreciated. I'm so afraid you are going to tell me this wee tree has died. Thanks in advance, martina


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