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  1. ah thanks. I hadn't heard of a certified tree inspector. that sounds like the person I need. So are you suggesting I can leave the straps done up for 2 years?!
  2. As part of a lockdown project for my daughters I've turned a tree in our garden into a climbing wall. However I have a few concerns as I want to be sure I'm not harming the tree, and would really appreciate some help. The tree is a false acacia. I've put a top rope high up in the tree, and a series of climbing holds up the tree for my daughters to climb up. The holds are a secured with straps tightened with a ratchet. I had 2 concerns or questions. 1) What is the root structure of a tree like this normally like? Can I be confident that I'm not going to affect the stability of the tree. I don't want to increase any risk of it toppling over. 2) I don't want to strangle the tree which I've read about. How do I prevent that? If they're tightened, do I need to loosen them occasionally? if so how often? Daily? Monthly? If something is tightened round the tree, how quickly might it affect transport of nutrients etc? They don't seem to cut into the tree, but what would you suggest I do to ensure the tree isn't damaged? Or am I being overcautious and it should be fine?


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