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  1. Noticed weird dark colouring on the leaves of this oak and wondering whether it's a bad thing or normal part of winter transition? Thanks.
  2. The stem on the left looks far more sloppy so I'll probably cut that one, do you think the other branches marked in red would be worth cutting too or doesn't matter?
  3. Right, thanks. So cutting it by half would do? Out of interest, how much of that tree would you prune? I've seen some people say everything below half way which seemed a bit much to me, but I've no idea really. Yeah, we have stopped cutting the grass near to the tree and yeah, I'm in the UK now
  4. Right, so cut off the lesser stem in late fall then. Would the leader have to be artificially held upwards like they did with the bamboo stick?
  5. Thanks, so the leader is the dominant stem I want to grow upwards. I noticed at the tree nursery they attached some bamboo to one of the stems to make it grow upwards, but I removed that when planting. What would happen if I didn't remove the lesser stem?
  6. Thanks, is wilting at the top a sign that the tree hasn't been watered enough and what does it mean to choose a leader?
  7. I planted this ~3 yr old, ~7 foot Oak tree on the 30th of July. I probably should have waited until it was dormant, but I'm new to this so didn't realise there could be issues with transplanting in the summer. Questions is, by looking at it, do you think the tree will survive and do you have any suggestions about things that look wrong/things I should change. Pics were taken today after watering. Thanks in advance.
  8. Found this lurking on some leaves on a new tree I got yesterday. Any idea of what it is and if I should get rid of it and how? Thanks.
  9. Advice on oak tree (approx 2m tall, 12 litre pot) we'll be transplanting from pot to garden for the first time in August. So far, our steps are: - soak the roots in the pot before transplanting - dig planting hole square and twice the diameter of the pot, break up bottom and sides of hole with garden fork - tease roots from root ball and put tree level in hole with root ball slightly above ground level - fill the hole with the excavated soil (no compost/fertiliser?), firm soil and water thoroughly - stake tree at a 45-degree angle to trunk - mulch around the tree (bark or grass chippings?), lower near trunk - In spring, fertilise and renew layer of mulch Do you think there's anything I have missed/doing wrong here? Thanks in advance.


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