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  1. Perhaps the wood gas gets away up the chimney without burning if you make a pyramid
  2. Hi i pulled the liner out of my pickup bed to have a look its been treated with waxoly type thing In the past Not bad at all Bit of surface rust and one nasty bit by wheel arch for now I just want to keep rust at bay what would you use? thanks
  3. Split last lot to about 3 inches and it’s fine just thought I might chance it and do a bit less splitting sounds like I should carry on splitting it small
  4. Hi i have some oak to split and season it will have two years on pallets in reasonable sunny and breezy spot Cut to 500 mm how small do I need to split it to get to the magic 20 percent Thanks.
  5. Mr .Woodworks technique it is great a few pallets and a giant block height as suits i go for knee high less bending and no chasing logs round the yard ???
  6. Hello mr andy Exasperate To make some one very annoyed perhaps you meant this exacerbate To make something bad even worse or perhaps you aim is just to annoy
  7. I have found Branch logging green is easier on the machine and the branches tend to cut cleanly dry branches tend to shatter more leaving a lot of shards I have cut mine at about waist height aiming for mini pollards easier to re harvest in 5? Years time also rabbit proof and giving shoots a help to compete with vegetation don’t really think there is any way of making it viable in £ terms for the fuel unless you have excellent access across the site (unlikely) perhaps client would like to help you with dragging and loping if he is an enthusiast the felling part is the least of it i can send you a pic of my area just started on it yesterday if interested ? david
  8. I planted a little boggy patch with various willows including some ‘biomass’ strains Small bits thru branch logger into bags I trim of brashly tips so it is time consuming probably ok to put them thru whole makes great kindling with a firefighter larger bits in to logs Wouldn’t want to just have willow in the woodshed but handy to get things going and cheer up the fire if you were branch logging into bulk bags I think you would have to watch for mold david
  9. Sprayed mine with contact insecticide which was emulsion of raprseed oil worked ok couple of times over to get any I missed
  10. Hi all I hope to build a cabin on a existing concrete plinth thought i would build a brick fireplace to use for outdoor cooking to start with do I need special furnace type bricks? guessing I would need to make a new concrete hearth would that need to be a special mix or perhaps a layer of the bricks ? i have only ever built a pole barn so all will be new amy tips welcome david
  11. I mix mine with logs about 50 / 50 if I put in just branch logs sometimes end up with a lot of charchoal if I was burning just branch logs could probably fiddle on with air supply 40 kw vigas boiler use mine as kindlers with a firefighter cheer up the woodburner in boiler never really tried to sell any too messy for the average household ? sold a few bags at £6.00 depending on what trees you are logging quite a bit of hand trimming required
  12. Hi i spotted two defender badged vehicles yesterday ? are they for sale now or were they press ones ? Quite cute if you like giant Tonka toys
  13. Just started reading Thomas hardy. The woodlanders coincidence 18 pence for 1,000 spars In the old days


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