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  1. Hi i planted a privet hedge this spring the plants are reported to be doing well but just growing up not out or bushy at all should we wait til they get to final height and then trim the tops or cut the tops out now to encourage side shoots thanks
  2. Scythe on nettles brambles meadowsweet anything firm is great and easy cutting grass is taking it to another level of sharpening ‘peening’and technique which I have yet to try as don’t want to ruin my blade
  3. I had my seldom used strimmer serviced as it was not starting well and generally unwilling as it lies in the shed with fuel in I bought some husquvarna fuel it went well but next time I used it fuel leaking out so back to dealer and new seals fuel lines required councidence or down to fuel change ? thanks
  4. Tried a cross between apricot and cherry plum nice little fruit and survived the hills of Northumberland so far tasty too
  5. Grant aided gas stove is that because it is replacing a stove burning coal anthracite type fuel ?
  6. Mini sizedhalf tonne electric pickup Google ‘yewt ‘from Australia looks handy for gardeners or running about on odd jobs not yet in production or here in uk would suit me 100 percent thou
  7. Could they be the invasive Quagga or zebra ones ? they don’t look like the native ones which are in our local Northumberland river
  8. Collected some calor cylinders 2 x 47 1x 19 1x 3 just went to local guy it was £194 pricey ???
  9. Got the new veg beds in there is a barely meter wide path membrane and gravel Then a hedge along one side its full of ground elder will it burrow across to the veg beds ? if I crawl along dabbing on glyphosate with a brush just how carefull do I have to be of the stems of the hedge ? its blackthorn and field maple mostly with some holly and other bits they are probably quite safe but don’t want any disasters any other solutions? thanks david
  10. Hi i am going to edge veg beds with scaffold boards to treat or not to treat and what with any tips ? thanks
  11. Hire in a man and processor if there is anyone up in your area you have to spend your rhi money on something
  12. Garden centres have quite big trays for sitting plant pots on i use one in my pickup it goes most of the way across behind the seats only a few £
  13. Will it be the water ? not salt from winter roads seen it kill a row if conifers


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