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  1. I tried it. You would trap your hands on the “beam” and as it is my son who does the push mowing I was being a considerate father I’m finished with sheds now. Done a man shed, trainset shed, bicycle shed, drying shed and the two mower sheds. It’s a bbq hut next
  2. What can I say? I’m a professional joiner[emoji16] You will laugh even more when I tell you I used a chainsaw to cut it. Quicker than unscrewing and putting it through the table saw [emoji108]
  3. Further north in Newcastle the courgettes don’t even wear a coat in winter
  4. My courgettes are further on than yours and I’m in the tundra of Durham! Where’s you at? Ps, I don’t do anything for slugs. Used to… salt, pellets etc. Now not so much of a problem since using raised beds
  5. hands up all those who think Carol Kirkwood has had a breast reduction. I thought these national icons would have had a protection order
  6. Friggin ell K. Chill mannnnnn I should also add, if your piss feels like it is boiling then you probably have a dose
  7. I’ve looked at this, might do in the future but right now got the space and time for air and my logs to burn are 9-10%
  8. Well that’s my excuse for not having a kiln [emoji12] Plus it more environmentally friendly
  9. Beautiful. After watching country file and Chris Packham (whom I can’t stand) the other week I have stopped mowing about half my lawn ( good for biodiversity). Apart from saving a lot of time, all the flowers are up including the various orchids. Wish I’d done it years ago
  10. Now, I don’t know, so obviously will be interested to find out, but wouldn’t air drying be less likely to cause warping than kiln??? Or does it matter if they are stacked and separated properly?
  11. i shoot the buggers but if that was me, looking at its scared eyes, i would have gladly, carefully released it to steal another day. good on yer Billhook
  12. while on the subject, i am not gonna die of benzene but...i only use aspen for my small engines, bar for my 14hp petrol mill, it's not even a year old and the carb is playing up. do others use aspen 4 for their mills, for the same reasons?
  13. You get paid for driving that beauty around?
  14. after a 35 minute drive to do some milling, i found this on my woodlander 126. after 35 hours of milling, the nut had obviously come loose and the krab failed. drove all the way back to rummage in my shed to find a fix. have superglued the thread onthis one
  15. That is the best arbdog picture ever[emoji3590]
  16. I have discovered my black dog acts as a midge/mozzie lure. I can be sat 2 feet away from her, she is covered and I am clear. I still cannot get my head around how something so small as a midge can puncture your skin and cause the havoc that it does


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