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  1. Just an update. The saw was returned to Lawnmowers direct who offered a replacement or a refund without saying what was wrong so the resolution of the problem remained unsolved. My husband opted for a refund as he had, meantime, dug out old non working saws and managed to take the ignition module off one and another bit from somewhere else and managed to get one of them go. ( And sheep are far from stupid animals as have very good memories.... If they have managed to escape capture during a gather at one spot, the next time to try again with a good few more with them. They can be most frustrating to own and work with and never a truer quote was made than" sheep have one wish once they are born and that is to die!")
  2. Don't think I can help on this question. We ran a large hill farm in Scotland and seldom saw cases of mastitis but when we found that the udder had gone hard there appeared nothing we could do either having to take on feeding the lamb if there was not sufficient milk in the other quarter or twinning the lamb into another ewe. We culled the ewe at the end of the season but, perhaps, easier to be hard hearted when we had 1100 breeding ewes. Sorry I can't offer any help.
  3. Where will I find the question?
  4. We have sheep. Assume you deduced that from my user name (•‿•)(•‿•)
  5. The saw was purchased from Lawnmowers Direct where he had purchased previously. However, as he had little confidence they would offer support or helpful advice, he decided to try to sort the saw himself using his experience and then, when that failed, he turned to this forum for help.
  6. If I receive any feedback from the supplier I will inform you all, however I have little confidence that that will happen as I think that they will just offer a replacement saw or a refund once the saw is received by them from what I was told on the phone.
  7. My husband is not clueless about power saws (although he is regarding computers!). I apologise for not posting pictures of every move he made and reporting every action but all suggestions were tried without any success. As I stated earlier, he has been working with machines and engines all his life and is very practical and capable. Usually he can resolve problems without looking for help but asked it there was any way I could find any suggestions by looking on line. It would appear that there is a fault with the saw rather than user error (and no, it was not just flooded as was suggested by more than one person) The saw is being collected tomorrow and being returned to the seller.
  8. I can assure you, all that has been tried but thanks.
  9. Thanks to all who replied to this post. Despite trying all suggestions my husband failed to get it started so arrangements are being made to return the chainsaw to the seller.
  10. He used a new mix of fresh fuel and oil so hopefully not that.
  11. I suspect he will have invalidated the warranty by adjusting the carburettor screws.
  12. I should state that my husband is not an inexperienced idiot! He had worked with various machines and engines all his life and can usually solve most problems himself and is fully aware that he will be unlikely to be able to return this saw now he has been working on it. The question was posted to try to find a solution for this problem that had baffled him. He plans to try again today and hopes that he will be able to start the saw and get it working. He thanks anyone who had made constructive suggestions but he had, previously, tried all that had been suggested so is not quite sure what else to try.
  13. Yes he has the proper driver for this and had tried all you suggest to no avail. He used it for a little while after purchase (he has no need to use daily) but then had to wait to get the correct driver and after he was adjusting the screws it failed to start.
  14. Unfortunately there were none open during lockdown so no option but to purchase online.
  15. No. It was run with the correct mix of fuel.


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