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  1. Thanks for your help everyone who chipped in! Will run through various things and update this thread. It could also be a possibility that it has something to do with the small hydraulic ram which pushes the bar down, as there is some small play in this. In case you're wondering I'm from New Zealand, the dealer here has ceased to be, and this is the best help I've found! Cheers Terry
  2. The palax I have is probably twice as slow as that!! It is cutting hard wattle, been down for about 6 months.
  3. Haha, if you think this is slow mine is about twice as slow as that!!!
  4. Yes, is a 44kva running at about a third capacity. Thanks all the same
  5. Well it makes no difference with the tractor pto or on 3 phase! Yes, will do some flow checks
  6. Well the filters are realivity new, this made no difference. Will look for a collapsed hyd hose. Yep, running new chains with it too. Cheers Terry
  7. 😂 LOL! OK I get it!!! On a serious note have you ever had this problem with a slow chain bar on a processor?
  8. Never heard of the H screw! Where is this located? Haha, yep I've been looking through the manual alright and haven't found that!
  9. Yes, it's a brand new 44kva deutz. Made no difference even when we had the tractor powering it!
  10. Hi, this topic may have already been covered but cannot find it! I have a 2011 Palax KS43 firewood processor, now powered by a generator (used to use a tractor PTO). The chainsaw is very slow, even slower that what a petrol chainsaw cuts at. We have new chains, tried new bars, the speed of the chain can be speed up and down, although this makes no difference. We are cutting Wattle, which is a hard wood and semi dry. On a log say 30cm diameter, can take 7-10 seconds to cut, and on a log around 40cm diameter it can take around 15 seconds! Shouldn't it only take about 3-4, maybe 5 seconds max? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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