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  1. At any other time that'd be my strategy as well! But understandably NZ has upped it's entry criteria and narrowed down the pool of visa applications it's considering these days. So unless you're someone who already has a job offer your application's not getting looked at for the moment.
  2. Thanks for all that helpful info! Wishing you the best of luck that your application goes through before NZ deems it too late. I wasn't aware they took a dim view on folks turning up and then retrospectively finding work... I know quite a few friends that did it that way. Think the higher criteria for points during this pandemic will be the main challenge. Will try it from the UK first, then from NZ and if neither are successful then ah well, I hear Canada's not too bad!
  3. Hi all, Has anyone made the leap from the UK to NZ? I've been told and read time and time again that your qualifications don't really matter once your out there, employers just want someone that can get the job done. But for the sake of a skilled migrant visa they want to know what my Level 3 NPTC qualifications are equivalent to? Anyone been through this process that can help a guy out? Research isn't really telling me anything but getting the quals transferred with the NZQA costs £300/$600!
  4. Hi all, A question for any that have made the move from the UK to NZ... My partner and I are hoping to relocate to NZ once the borders open up again, using a skilled migrant visa. Reading forums and having been out there, I got the impression NZ really needed arborists and finding work was dead easy. But filling in the points indicator form, as a 29-year-old english speaking arborist from the UK, with all the level 3 NPTC qualifications and 5 years experience, I'm still not reaching the minimum points required. Does Level 3 NPTC not equal Level 3 in NZ? Is that where I'm going wrong? I'm wanting to bring my partner along which is why I thought the skilled migrant visa was the way to go, but now I'm thinking maybe just heading out there as tourists and then doing the paperwork once I'm there and have found work would be the better bet? Anyone been through a similar thing? Cheers!


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