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  1. Hi all, started a fire last night with some of the wood and some kindling i made. Wood is burning extremely well and is completely smokeless (apart from when i smother it or incomplete combustion etc). I've noticed quite a few kinks and weird shapings of the wood on the inside, particularily making it hard for me to split. I wondered if theres a way to identify the different axe head blunters in the wood, I've attached a few pics below to make it easier to understand what I'm talking about. Thanks!
  2. I also already had a hatchet in mind? To update, using an old jigsaw and a hammer I've taken out all the nails and cut down the wood to kindling length and the pieces that can be used as logs have been cut down to size. Hopefully working on splitting the wood today with my.new hatchet
  3. With your interest being felching I dont know what to believe ??
  4. If that is okay with andy I would be more than happy to do that!
  5. Oh okay yeah that's a bit far, around a 2-3hour drive. But for sure I will message you once lockdown is over! Thank you!
  6. That is so kind! I'm from Lincolnshire in East Midlands England. I'm not too sure how far that is from your site but i would be more than willing to learn and grow my skill set, even if it involves travelling some distance for unpaid labour.
  7. I appreciate the offer so much! thank you! I don't feel too comfortable just giving away my address like that though ☹️ As an alternative, could I message you from time to time to pick your brain on tips questions queries etc?
  8. I will definitely sign up to the wood tip pages! This is extremely poor wood for free and I'm doing it for fun, the paint wasn't lead based (I did ask). I want to build a set of skills to be able to do this with better quality wood in the future, and I'd rather not start with a money drain but some simple hand tools at a very low expense to myself (apart from my time). It will be done over a week or two giving it a hour a day (roughly). I have been using the knife to split wood that I've collected from a friends property, looking to invest in a medium size axe currently to make the operation easier. The knife was to simply make shavings from the wood I had so I did not have to keep investing in wood spools and I don't like using gels or lighter fluid etc.
  9. what do you reccomend to do to remove the nails?
  10. Hi, Currently have some wood I've picked up from an old friends shed that he has taken down, so instead of him getting a skip I've decided to try and make decent use out of them for heating. The wood has been painted, has a bunch of nails in them, but to my suprise is very dry (not perfectly dry though). The wood burner/stove is only 15"-20" in radius so all of the pieces of wood will need to be cut down and split. I want to know some of your guys suggestions and reccomendations you could have for me on how to process this wood and any tools you reccomend. I do have access to a very nice knife and a lot of spare time, I am willing to spend some money on some budget/cheap tools as this is a hobby I do want to get into. If needed I can provide a picture of the wood. Many thanks!


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