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  1. Yes, you're probably right. Question is, which one to get. All the ones I've seen have been for a Subaru engine powering a pressure washer. None for mowers. Now, they may be the same and I don't see why they shouldn't be, But are they? I've asked the eBay sellers and basically they say 'sorry mate, look at the picture'.
  2. Lurkalot, I think there's more to it than that. When I first tried to start it this spring, the priming button would not pull fuel up. I had to take it apart an put fuel into the carb itself. When it eventually started I needed to pump the primer every few seconds and then it ran alright. And that's the position now. Is there a diaphragm that now has a hole in it?
  3. No, it's not a car engine. It's a single cylinder four stroke mower engine.
  4. OK Richard, maybe a carb kit's the answer. adw above said he thought spares were a problem for this engine!
  5. Openspaceman, I think you've sussed it but nevertheless, what bit has gone wrong that means I have to keep priming it to make it run? I have to say, it only takes about a minute before it starts to run properly but I'd like to sort it if I could. I don't need to leave it ticking over like you do your Mountfield
  6. No, I don't know what that means either! It so happens that my name is Robin but I doubt if that's relevant.
  7. It's an EA190V engine. Have you experienced my problem? I get round it by having a clip on the handle so that I can let go, having started it, and rushed round to the front where I can press the priming button several times. This keeps it going for a couple of seconds, then it spits and makes to stop, so I press the primer several times and it kicks back into life. I do this for about half a minute and the engine seems then to be warm enough to go without this performance! I could get a new carb, I suppose, but do I only need a part of it?
  8. I've had the carb off and cleared any fuel lines. I'm not sure if there is a pump at all. I think fuel is gravity fed on those little engines, isn't it?
  9. Hi, I have a Subaru engine on my Ryobi mower and until it's reasonably warm it needs the priming button to be pressed every few seconds, or it appears to run out of fuel but picks up again when I press the priming button. Is someone able to tell me which part to renew to correct this? Thanks.


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