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  1. I'm very upset with myself.. I believe I took it too far when I was removing English ivy off of a green maple tree... in the middle of all the branches above her trunk there was a baby tree that was quite large! I felt like I should take it out because it might grow through the entire trunk and kill the mother tree... well when I pulled out the baby btw there was a couple I think but this was the largest.. there was a huge pit of basically dirt.. idk why but 8 dug it all out .. then water pooled in the center of the branches on top of the trunk... then wired creatures were being born in the water unidentifiable and also what looked like some type of white mushroom fleshy pulp... and ofcourse leaves.. I tried to empty it out a few times but really need maybe some type of drain hole.. I wish I left the baby tree there because it drunk the water that pools there now.. the bottom of the pool was rounded and not breaking like the side of the bottom of the trees rotting bark that I accidentally dug out into yet another much smaller pool of water ..I'm sorry please what can I do I thought of planting another thing I'm the middle to soak up the water and on the side bottom pool too..? Any suggestions are appreciated...
  2. Im sorry.. I'm deeply saddened by what I've done in an effort to try and help an old green maple in our front yard... the poor thing was covered in Boston ivy and so I went ahead and ripped it all off from its roots to its branches... in the process I found a big baby tree on the top of the trunk in the center of the branches which I ripped out to find a deep pocket which I emptied out and then it just filled with water... I regret removing the baby because it drank the water and was the trees baby... I attempted to keep it dry by emptying the water out of the reservoir and found weird swimming creatures that were unidentifiable as well as what could've been white mushroom pulp ? also on the side was a medium size of some rotting bark I uncontrollably dug out pretty deep and now water pools in there mushrooms and moss grow there now... I was unsure what to put in the 2 reservoirs so I just left it alone while I traveled for a few years.. now I'm back and wondering if I should do anything or what I can do?


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