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  1. Funny enough I was hoping it was the bamboo roots .... Thats a long story though. But no it was actually the Tree roots that found their way in.
  2. So I've attached the only Photo I have which does make it look smaller than it actually is. Part of the reason I want to remove and replant something contained is because when we replaced the gutter due to leaking and overflowing in heavy rain, we discovered that the roots had made their way into where the gutter enters the drain below causing a blockage.
  3. Hi Guys, Currently we have Prunus royal burgundy planted to the side of our house between the wall and boundary fence. (approx 7 ft wide) This was obviously planted by the previous owner to block the view from the house opposite into the prime seating area in our garden. A very lovely tree and does a good job of blocking the neighbours looking into that area of our garden.... However when it was planted the previous owner planted it directly over a drain and less than a meter from my house wall. So I'm planning on removing the tree and setting up a raised bed digging down slightly and putting a root barrier in place to protect the drain underneath, so that I can replant another tree and have peace of mind knowing it wont be able to damage the drain below. So the question is what should I replace it with? At the moment I'm thinking to either replant a Royal Burgundy or a Silver Birch Snow queen variety or possibly a Japanese Maple If there is one that can reach 10ft tall in a couple of years.
  4. As a home owner that has just had a large Tulip chopped down, I can say my local tree officer was very reasonable. I requested permission too fell because of the on going cost of maintenance to keep the tree within my property boundary and stop it over hanging my house. I also mentioned that the Tree struggled in the summer with leaf drop and very bad aphid infestation which made my garden unusable because of the amount of honeydew coming from the tree. I was granted permission because of the growth potential of the Tulip tree and cost of maintenance out weighed the amenity value of it. I do have to replant a Silver Birch as a replacement, But that I can live with.
  5. Does anyone have any photos of any Liquidamber with a rough age of the tree? I'm 100% going to replace the tulip tree with the TPO with a Birch, as all the old Birch trees local to me aren't monsters. So it would be best option if I'm not allowed to touch it with out planning permission. I do feel the garden could do with another tree and Liquidamber do look nice, but i've never seen one in person and not sure how big they would be after say 10 or 20 years.
  6. Going by the amount of large oaks around the area that are within 10 meters of other houses, I'm leaning on the side of we don't have shrinkable clay in the area as none of the other house seam to show any subsidence ..... But it is something that I will have to speak to the tree surgeon about when getting quotes in. I think you're right about the Birch not sucking up as much light as it will have to back on to part of a garden were all 4 surrounding gardens meet. It's going to be a catch 22 either way... I will either block someones light or end up plating a tree too close to a house against current building regulations.
  7. Hi, The garden is NW facing but the tree would ideally need to be in the top right corner (East side) for 2 reasons. 1. It would mean the new tree would be at the furthest away from 3 properties as possible and 2. This location would stop it blocking light into our living room. I'm located on in West Sussex on the south coast.
  8. Hi Guys I'm after some advice as to what would be my best options out of the 3 types of trees (listed below) to replace a large Tulip Tree with a TPO. The Current tree has out grown our garden and my local council has agreed that it isn't suitable in the current location . So permission to fell has been granted on the grounds it will be replaced with one of the species listed below. My real question is which would be best for a garden aprox 7 x 20 Meters? Which ever location that the new tree would be plated in it would be within 6 metres of our house which is a 1970's detached with suspected 1m raft foundation on a mixed clay soil. Silver birch Betula pendula Downy birch Betula pubescens Sweet Gum Liquidambar styraciflua
  9. I know this is thread is 9 years old but did that tree ever get removed?
  10. That was what I was thinking. If they blame the tree and it's not, it could just cause chaos. I've requested all planning documents for the house from the council but will have to wait until after lockdown for those. Looking at building regulations the house was built in a grey area by the sound of it..... If they had the regulations in place when it was being built it should have piled foundations to compensate the tree eventually or possibly dying. Worst case the foundations should be at least 1 meter deep for the type of house and area.
  11. There is a vertical crack in the living room which goes from floor to ceiling which we didn't discover until we removed some wall paper and a crack in the loft breeze block on the same wall but nothing on the external wall. So i'm hoping that its just seasonal movement but waiting on a structural surveyor to come and have a look.
  12. Sorry that probably would help... It was Built in 1977 and the TPO was placed in 1970, but it gives no indication of what size the tree would have been at the time. I know tulip trees are apparently fast growing but I can't find any information on how long it would take to get as big as it is. Im guessing if it was a lot small when the house was built there would be less chance of heave?
  13. It was reduced in size as we were moving in last year, this was already in place before we purchased the house because I think from memory the planning application took over 8 weeks and it was over due a trim.
  14. Thanks I wasn't sure what is normal and what I should be concerned about. I guess the main concern if it is serious is the risk of heave after removal
  15. Hi guys Im looking for some advice on a rather large Tulip tree I have in my back garden which is about 5 1/2 meter from the house and it does have a TPO on it. Here are the questions I have as I don't have much knowledge about trees: . We have recently noticed a lot of woodlice around the outside of our house and after cutting the lawn yesterday I had a poke around the trunk of the tree because there seams to be a fair bit of the bark that is really really easy to break off... And yup I found a lot of woodlice around the base of the trunk! is this normal and would this be the cause of lots of woodlice around the outside of the house? . We moved into this house in July last year and picked it because it was the most house we could get for our money and wasn't too bothered by the tree. Until it made the garden unusable last year because the Aphid rain was horrendous. So after discovering what I did yesterday and in the event that the tree does need to go, my only concern now is if it does need to come down what is the chance this could cause heave? I live in the south of the UK between Portsmouth and Brighton and looking online its possible I have either a clay or loam soil type and the tree is older than the house, but I don't know by how much.


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