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  1. Yes, but the RHS website lists quite a lot to possibilities; aphids seem the most likely thing, among all the causes listed. Is that what you had in mind? Also, looking at that website, it seems that the best thing to do is water the tree in summered give fertiliser, and that's it...
  2. I looked up, but found various recommendations - the least damaging solution was spraying with neem oil; alternatively, some websites just suggested waiting and cutting the excessively damaged part - but one of these viburnum bushes died entirely, so I am not very happy about not doing anything.... what would you recommend? .
  3. Hi again, this may be linked to the problem posted earlier with the cypress. We also have in the garden some kind of tree/bush (I really am not an expert), and one of them died entirely, the others (two) had in the past summer very damaged leaves. Now they seem to be picking up, but I am fairly sure that the moment summer comes the problem will be back. Only, I do not know what these bushes / trees are (could you tell me their name?), nor do I know what the illness is, and whether one can do something about it. I attach photos (taken recently, just now). Thanks!
  4. Hi, we have a big cypress in the garden - it began a couple years ago to 'open up' (branches coming down). We had a gardener see it, and they 'tied it' up with a thin rope. But it also has a disease, I think, as it's getting more and more brown. Or it might be squirrels. Spider mites... no idea. I have not cut out anything (not even the dried up parts); I recently tried to shake out the dried needles, as there was a huge build-up on the branches (esp. in the lower part - it had almost become like earth). Also found some parts of a dead bird in there...And there is something that bites us in the garden in summer - terrible bites, very itchy even if small - but I do not know whether it has to do with this tree. I attach photos (the first two details, the third has more the tree) - very grateful for any help.


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